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Heroic Journey of Ne Zha 哪吒降妖记 Episode 18 Recap

Fox Xiaoyu couldn’t find Mother Fox, so she asked the second treasure of gold and silver to find out where she was. However, the second treasure of gold and silver was still fooling around at first, and finally had to tell the truth, saying that Mother Fox was dead. As for who killed him, insist on not. Ken explained. Hu Xiaoyu was so sad that he decided to go to the Dark Messenger to inquire about the cause of death. At this time, the Dark Messenger was talking with Yu Ji about the treasure basin of memory. Because of Hu Xiaoyu’s sudden intrusion, he made a plan to make a living, simply conceal the truth, and blame Nezha.

As Nezha’s mana was so powerful, it was difficult to fight against it. The Dark Envoy hadn’t thought of any strategy yet, so he asked Hu Xiaoyu to go back and wait for the news, and waited for him to arrange everything before letting him know. Originally, Hu Xiaoyu was about to leave the magic palace, and halfway around, he thought of helping to make suggestions and hurriedly returned. However, he accidentally heard a dialogue and learned that the memory basin can tamper with people’s memories. Nezha was the first choice.

It’s just that the person involved needs to be willing to tamper with the memory, otherwise there will be unforeseen troubles during the period. Yu Ji asked the dark messenger to think of a way to deal with it, and Hu Xiaoyu deliberately attracted the gold and silver two treasures and the dark messenger, and then stole the memory basin. After the dark messenger came back, it was discovered that the memory basin had been stolen, and he immediately thought that it was Hu Xiaoyu.

Hu Xiaoyu took the memory basin and came to the lake to spy on the magical power of the memory basin. However, I have not found Nezha yet, so I need to find someone to try the effect in advance. It happened that Duan Wuzhuo was suffering from emotional distress, and found that he seemed to pay special attention to Hu Xiaoyu, especially when he smelled the monster Hu Xiaoyu nearby, he rushed over without saying a word, and actually wanted to see her under the pretext of taking over.

The two of them were on a narrow road. Hu Xiaoyu noticed Duan Wuzhuo’s whereabouts and deliberately spoke to the memory treasure basin, hoping that Baopen could help her defeat Duan Wuzhuo, a prodigal son. He had clearly rejected his pursuit, but he did not expect him to be a stalker. , Shameless. Duan Wuzhuo was annoyed when he heard this, and immediately stepped forward to reason. Hu Xiaoyu again used the radical method to get him to accept the treasure test. Duan Wuzhuo took the initiative to stretch out his hands and closed his eyes to touch the treasure, but his memory was tampered with.

Duan Wuzhuo lost his past memories, and his personality changed with the current personality. He kept calling Lady Fox Xiaoyu, but he didn’t know who his surname was and where he lived. Hu Xiaoyu renamed Duan Wuzhuo and Xu Youqing, and took him home, using his trust and love for himself to complete his revenge plan.

However, since Duan Wuzhuo lost his memory, he was obedient to Hu Xiaoyu, even if he went to the Jingman Forest alone to find Nezha. Unexpectedly, Duan Wuzhuo had just left, and the two treasures of gold and silver rushed to catch Hu Xiaoyu back to plead guilty. Hu Xiaoyu urgently called Duan Wuzhuo, but he had forgotten his original name and ignored him.

Fortunately, Nezha and others suddenly appeared and successfully rescued Hu Xiaoyu. The two treasures of gold and silver were shocked. He never expected that Nezha was not dead, but alive and well. In order to save her life, the two treasures of gold and silver hurriedly slapped their horses, complimenting Nezha for becoming more handsome, listening to Nezha very useful, but Xiaolongnu was a little dissatisfied.

Hu Xiaoyu was very grateful to Nezha, so she asked him about her name. Nezha saw that Xiaolongnu was jealous, so she followed the principle of doing good deeds without leaving her name, and just said her last name. Feng Xiaoge was hungry, and the three had no choice but to say goodbye. Hu Xiaoyu thought that their mana was superb and could be used, but turned around and found that Duan Wuzhuo had not yet returned home. Until the night was getting dark, Duan Wuzhuo still disappeared. Worried about his safety, Hu Xiaoyu immediately went out to search.

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