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Heroic Journey of Ne Zha 哪吒降妖记 Episode 17 Recap

Nezha insisted on denying stealing the treasure mirror, until he and Pluto went to the woods to find out what happened, only to find out that the thief was Feng Xiaoge. Seeing that Nezha was so angry, Xiaolongnv hurried to reconcile and barely prevent him from attacking Feng Xiaoge.

The dark messenger and Yu Ji sneaked into the island without permission. Seeing that everyone was slack in their defenses, they took the opportunity to plant a blood fog array, destroy the pagoda, and kill the prisoners. Fortunately, the broken Yin and Xingliyu teamed up to fight back to break the formation for the time being. Seeing this, Yu Ji hurriedly resorted to everything he could to help the Dark Envoy, which almost exposed her identity, and even the Dark Envoy was shocked.

The blood mist formation intensifies the phagocytosis, adding several totems, and allowing Pluto to try his best to crack it, but it will still be of no avail. If the formation cannot be withdrawn immediately, the destructive power will increase over time. The island is completely occupied. Nezha could not sit back and watch, insisting on staying on the island and assisting Pluto to resist together. The little dragon girl knew that Nezha was involved, let alone abandoning him. Feng Xiaoge also participated because of following Nezha for many years and swearing to be loyal to the Lord.

Prisoners joined the team one after another, and even more prisoners urged Linglong Jade to successfully break the formation, and severely injured the Dark Envoy and Yu Ji. After the pagoda was completed, the sky fell lustrous, and all those who built the pagoda were reborn, and the wounds healed. Pluto hoped that everyone would live a good practice after reincarnation. At the same time, Nezha’s dream of selling steamed buns is coming with steamed buns to wish everyone a good deed. Nezha is curious about the true identity of the old woman, and when she transforms her prototype, she finds that she is actually a Guanyin priest, and everyone applauds.

After the mission failed, Yu Ji Te returned to Princess Snake Ji, thinking that the reason why Pluto prepared in advance must be related to the Ugly Prime Minister. However, Snake Ji only values ​​the result, so she thinks that Snake Ji is incompetent and arranges the fire dragon envoy to deal with Nezha. Flowing marble was refined by the demon emperor, and finally merged into the body, but because of being left for too long, the body had a rejection reaction. The dark messenger informed him of the previous situation on Wujian Island, and the demon emperor ordered him to put the matter on hold for the time being and help him find the silver water token.

Seeing that the agreement was reached, Nezha and others were about to leave the island of infinitesimals, Pluto was very reluctant to give up. It can be seen that they still have important things to do, so they let go, but when they are about to leave, Pluto informs Nezha, which means the universe After living in the mortal world, he is now incarnate to catch the demon Taoist Duan Wuzhu.

Although Duan Wuzhuo has superb spells, the color of the enchantment has changed, and it is hard to escape his hands, but he is secretive, often alone, coming and going without a trace, wanting to find it, it is really difficult to go to the sky. Nezha and others learned that Duan Wuzhuo had recently haunted Jingman Town, so they rushed to the town immediately. However, they didn’t see the town. Instead, she was fascinated by the forest. Xiaolongnu concluded that this place should be Jingman Forest. As long as she could find an exit, Can reach the town. Nezha saw the complicated terrain, and he ridiculed her that if she guessed wrong, it might be difficult to find Duan Wuzhuo in the Year of the Monkey.

At the same time, because of hunger, Hu Xiaoyu simply sucked the blood of scalpers to satisfy her hunger. Because she repeatedly injured innocent livestock and was tired of teaching, Duan Wuzhuo chased her to Jingman Forest and arrested her. Hu Xiaoyu’s skill was invincible, only to win Duan Wuzhuo’s mercy by pretending to be pitiful, and ran away when he was not paying attention.

Everyone stayed in the Jingman Forest for one night and waited until the next day to look for an exit, and finally saw the rumored Jingman Town. Unexpectedly, the residents of the small town behaved strangely, and they would panic when they saw strangers, and hid in the house until a calm-looking aunt appeared. Because she stared at the necklace of the little dragon girl, she actively invited the three to sit at home.

The aunt reminded to pay attention to the steps, but Feng Xiaoge accidentally fell down; the aunt reminded to drink water carefully, Feng Xiaoge was scalded by hot water, Nezha did not expect the aunt to be like a crow’s mouth, good things are not good, bad things are good, Feng Xiaoge also found the room There are gold and silver jewelry everywhere in the middle, which is very strange. The three decided to take advantage of the situation to draw the truth. They never thought that the auntie was actually a crow spirit. She realized that her trick was broken and turned into a crow and flew away on the spot. The small town of Jingman also became a forest. All the residents were monsters.

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