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Well Dominated Love 奈何boss又如何 Episode 21 Recap

Yan Jing suddenly remembered the bits and pieces he had with Nie Xingchen. He ran out without the computer. As a result, he ran to several places where he had been with Nie Xingchen, and he didn’t see Nie Xingchen. He was inexplicably depressed, thinking about Nie. Where will the stars go? Yan Jing came to the bar to find Zhao Yuanfang and asked if he knew where Nie Xingchen was? Zhao Yuanfang told Yan Jing bluntly that Nie Xingchen would never abandon him because of his affairs with Zhen Nian.

The problem is that Nie Xingchen is by no means the kind of person who is called to come and go. Zhao Yuanfang was angry, and asked Yan Jing to tell him where Nie Xingchen was going after drinking two bottles of wine. Yan Jing drank without saying a word. Zhao Yuanfang couldn’t see it. He had to warn Yan Jing that this was the last chance. If he dared to hurt Nie Xingchen again, he would never let him go.

Yan Jing asked Huang Tao to book a ticket to Shashi and told himself that he was going to deal with personal matters, but this matter must be kept secret. Tong Xin recorded a self-introduction recording to Han Ziyu. Hearing Tong Xin’s voice, Han Ziyu’s heart was full of sweetness. Yan Jing came to Shashi with flowers, but learned that Nie Xingchen and her parents had gone to their hometown. Yan Jing said in a panic that the company was going to close down, and waited for Nie Xingchen to return to the company to work, only then took the address of Nie Xingchen’s hometown.

Han Ziyu was very happy to learn that Yan Jing had recovered his memories from five years ago, and asked him to check with himself when he returned. Han Ziyu came to the Bojue Group to look for Tong Xin. When his colleague saw it, he helped Tong Xin act out a plot, making Han Ziyu mistakenly believe that Tong Xin had started a new relationship, and Han Ziyu was inexplicably lost. On the way to Nie Xingchen’s hometown, Yan Jing’s taxi broke down. In desperation, Yan Jing got on a super-pull tricycle and came to Nie Xingchen’s home. Nie Xingchen was surprised when he saw Yan Jing.

Han Ziyu’s mother felt that Han Ziyu was in a bad mood, so Han Ziyu had to tell her that she and Tong Xin had broken up. Han Ziyu’s mother enlightened Han Ziyu, Tong Xin is a good girl, if she breaks up because of her powder, she must not spare him. When he came to Nie Xingchen’s hometown, because there was no change of clothes, Yan Jing had to put on Nie Xingchen’s father’s clothes first. Nie Xingchen’s father saw the subtlety between Nie Xingchen and Yan Jing, and his words ran against Yan Jing, while Yan Jing found various opportunities to get close to Nie Xingchen. Nie Xingchen’s father deliberately let Yan Jing wash the dishes, and Yan Jing overcame cleanliness and obsessive-compulsive disorder and washed the dishes.

Nie Xingchen wanted to help Yan Jing very much, but Nie Xingchen’s father kept calling Nie Xingchen to be busy. He would change the pot of tea for him, beat his back, and then Yan Jing would break the washing bowl. Now, Nie Xingchen ran over very nervously, and Nie Xingchen’s father ran over Yan Jing again without a hassle, saying that money is not everything, at least money can’t make up for the emotional damage. After saying this, Nie Xingchen’s father told Yan Jing not to wash the dishes anymore, leaving it to Nie Xingchen to clean up.

Yan Jing took a chance and sneaked into Nie Xingchen’s room and told Nie Xingchen that he had remembered things five years ago. He asked Nie Xingchen to come back to him, but Nie Xingchen was worried that Yan Jing could not remember him again. , Yan Jing persuaded Nie Xingchen to tell her that she is her own North Star and lighthouse, as long as she is there, she will not lose her way. The two were about to kiss, but his father suddenly knocked on the door and entered. Yan Jing had to hide behind the curtains. He happened to hear Nie Xingchen’s father disregarding him and Nie Xingchen. He felt a little anxious inexplicably, but he still cheered for himself.

Nie Xingchen’s father was worried that Nie Xingchen would get married privately, so he asked about the account book. Zhao Yuanfang called Nie Xingchen and learned that Yan Jing had found Nie Xingchen. He felt that Yan Jing’s speed was quite fast. Nie Xingchen saw that Yan Jing recorded a video about himself, and his nose sour inexplicably. When Zhao Yuanfang was drinking in a bar, he accidentally learned that the photos of Zhen Nian’s plastic surgery had been exposed, and thought that this time Zhen Nian would take the initiative to come to him.

Yan Jing had greeted the big guy a long time ago, and introduced himself to Nie Xingchen’s father and grandma very seriously. When Nie Xingchen’s father heard that he was a member of the high IQ club, he once again made things difficult for him and asked him to catch the chicken. . Yan Jing was turned around by chickens in the chicken pen, but luckily he was caught in the end.

Zhen Nian learned that the reason for her disclosure was Zhou Weiwei, an old classmate who had asked her for help. She was inexplicably lost. The agent asked her to ask Yan Jing or Zhao Yuanfang for help. However, Zhen Nian firmly stated that she wanted one. People bear it, but the violent tracking of public opinion is really overwhelming.

Nie Xingchen’s grandmother fell down, Yan Jing guided everyone for emergency rescue, and then waited for the ambulance to come. Yan Jing’s divine operation made Nie Xingchen’s parents have to look at him with admiration.

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