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Love Story of Court Enemies (2020) 那江烟花那江雨

Love Story of Court Enemies (2020)
Other Title: 那江烟花那江雨 / 深宫之步步杀机 / Shen Gong Zhi Bu Bu Sha Ji / Yu Xing Ru Yuan Zhi Bu Bu Sha Ji / 语星如愿之步步杀机 / Na Jiang Yan Hua Na Jiang Yu / Palace Step By Step To Fade

Genres: drama, Suspense, Historical, Romance, Drama, Political
Zhang Kai (张凯)
Mango TV
Release Date: 
Jul 8, 2020 – Aug 12, 2020
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  • Wu Jia Yi as Zhao Yuxing
  • Zhao Yi Qin as Yue Zonglin
  • Han Jiu Nuo as Cai Feng/Qiu Qi
  • Gan Ting Ting as Consort Shu
  • Si Qin Gao Wa as Empress Dowager
  • Wang Ming Duo as Emperor
  • Gao Yu Er as Nioguru Qiu Qi
  • Yue Yao Li as Zhang Cuihua
  • He Jia Yi as Empress
  • Yao An Lian as Nioguru Sai Sang
  • Zhao Bin as Yue Xingbang
  • Xu Song Zi as Aunt Hong
  • Wang Peng as Yang Bizhong
  • Cheng Cheng as Zhe Li
  • Liu Jia Lin as Attendant Li
  • Geng Ying Pu as Judge Liu
  • Li Zhong Yu as Judge Mu
  • Liu Jun Da as Eunuch Miao
  • Wu Jing Liang as Hong’er
  • Chen An Na as Yan Huanyue
  • Yu Shang Xu as Wang Yiwei
  • Shi Ou as Tian Long
  • Zhang Chang Xuan as Di Hu
  • Zhao Kai Yi as Consort Tong Jia
  • Tang Jia Hao (1998) as Ji Yan
  • Sha Yu as Ma Fuge
  • Yu Yang as Chief Wen
  • Zhang Jing Jing as Chief Ding
  • Xia Meng as Consort Wu Ya
  • Song Yu Qing as Consort Zha Lu Te
  • Liu Zi Xi as Lian’er
  • Zhou Bai Xuan as Eunuch Lin
  • Zheng Xiao Ya as Mei’er
  • Zhu Hui Lin as Fu Jiwei
  • Zhang Zi Jun as Ba Tu
  • Zhang Yi (actress) as Zhou Yan’er
  • Yu Jing as Li’er
  • Zhao Jia Yi as Zheng Linlin

The story is set in the Yuan year of the Yongzheng era. In the time of chaos, Yu Xing and her sister Cai Feng were separated. When Yu Xing knew that Cai Feng had entered the palace as a consort candidate, she decides to follow suit as a chef trainee. Her culinary skills deeply impressed the Emperor, and she was quickly promoted through the ranks. However during the Empress Dowager’s funeral, she accidentally breached a taboo and offended the Emperor. She was then sent to the countryside to do manual labour. There, she got to befriend a healer and picked up medical skills. Using her new-found skills, she managed to help the people who were suffering from a widespread pandemic. When she returned to the capital, she enrolled into the imperial medical college and started from the bottom as a trainee practitioner. She also finds love with general Yue Zong Lin.

Soon after Yongzheng ascended the throne, rebels everywhere, imperial power was unstable, the hometown of Yuxing (Wu Jiayi) and Caihuang was occupied by the rebels, and the two dependent girls were separated while fleeing, Yu Xing met Yue Zonglin (Zhao Yiqin), who led the troops to quell the chaos, and almost regarded the savior as a rebel. Later, Yuxing came to the capital and found out that his sister Caihuang had already entered the palace as a show girl, and then she also entered the imperial dining room as a small kitchen clerk. Because of her excellent cooking, she was appreciated by Emperor Yongzheng and promoted to be the chief undertaking. But the good times did not last long. Yuxing and Caihuang angered Yongzheng during the death of the empress dowager and were demoted to Xiling

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