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Heroic Journey of Ne Zha 哪吒降妖记 Episode 16 Recap

Having made up his mind, Nezha immediately went to Pluto to influence the prisoner with kind thoughts, so that he could escape his sins and re-enter the cycle. Cultivating knowledge is difficult, and it is not easy to do so. Only a group of prisoners with a conscience can be recruited and ordered to build a pagoda on the island. Compassion is a brick; compassion is a plaster; repentance is a living water.

Make a big aspiration, constructed by supreme perseverance, and you can return to freedom after the completion of the tower. Every time the tower repairers can eliminate their own sins, and those who enter the tower can also get support. When they are in the tower, they gradually feel remorse and don’t need to be stuck for long.

Pluto thought this plan was quite good, and he was very satisfied. Nezha also asked Pluto to dispel the wind and howl song illusion and asked him to assist him. At first, the prisoners spoke with contempt, and even the leader questioned them. However, seeing Nezha’s sincere attitude and reasoning, after repeated deliberation, he finally decided to build a tower and accumulate merit.

On the day when the tower was built, Hades specially used the Linglong gem as the base of the tower. This magic weapon was once gifted by the Jade Emperor. It specializes in eating evil ideas and can cause prisoners to escape from the sea of ​​suffering as soon as possible. Therefore, Nezha’s whimsy, named Linglong Pagoda.

Since Nezha has agreed with the king of Hades, only to build the pagoda, the three of them will be allowed to leave. Now that the little dragon girl is still trapped in an illusion, Nezha will let Feng Xiaoge personally supervise the work day and night, and the prisoners have different personalities. , In just over half a day, the foundation is built, and within a month, it will be completely completed.

Princess Snake Ji was indignant upon hearing the news, and scolded the ugly prime minister for more than success. Not only did she fail to contain Nezha, she also made him fight with the king of Hades and missed the opportunity to fight back. Yu Ji took advantage of the topic to ridicule the Ugly Prime Minister as a foreigner, who cares about the old master, and has other ideas. However, Ugly Rebelled quite a bit, vowing to be loyal, and even scorned Yu Ji, out of nothing.

Yu Ji proposed to destroy the pagoda in advance, so she asked to follow the dark messenger to Wujian Island, just to increase contact and discuss big plans. The dark messenger has been studying the treasure basin for a long time, but the turtle immortal has complicated memories. Although there are clues of the silver water token, it can’t pinpoint the accurate whereabouts. Yu Ji is worried that he will miss the opportunity and asks the dark messenger to do it as soon as possible, so as not to cause the snake to doubt .

The prisoners worked hard day and night, Nezha prepared special meals, persuaded Pluto to send it personally, talked to comfort him, and even urged Pluto to temporarily avoid his fetters because of the prisoners’ injuries.

Pluto has been managing Infernal Island for many years. He has never scorned the prisoners, let alone hushing cold and warm. But when he sees the first star Li Yu and tears in his eyes, he feels the emotions and respect of the audience. The prince must win the hearts of the people. He praised Nezha for having such feelings at a young age, and he will become a great weapon in the future.

The journey of Wujiandao is far away, and Yu Ji and the dark messenger have not yet sent back news. The ugly prime minister wants to please, and once again makes a plan, suggesting that Snake Ji pretend to be a little dragon girl, and then approach the water elf and cast the spell of the silver water token. Unexpectedly, Snake Ji had a hundred secrets, and never thought that the little dragon girl learned the silver water token from a young age, how could she easily forget the spell, it happened that the water elves saw through the trick and deliberately said the fake spell, instead of making Snake Ji embarrassed on the spot.

Feng Xiaoge has been coveting the treasure mirror for a long time, deliberately drunk the Hades on the wine table, while Nezha helped him back to the room, stealing the treasure mirror to unlock the fairyland of the little dragon girl. Xiaolongnv knew the truth and was extremely lost. Feng Xiaoge was afraid that she could not think about it, so she quickly explained the ins and outs. After Pluto woke up and found that the treasure mirror was stolen, he annoyed Nezha for being good on the surface, but actually cunning. Nezha didn’t know Feng Xiaoge’s behavior, and faced Pluto’s accusation, even more so.

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