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Heroic Journey of Ne Zha 哪吒降妖记 Episode 15 Recap

The Ugly Prime Minister was ordered to go to Wujian, just to find that Nezha and others wanted to land on the island, and hurriedly cast a spell to summon the poison ivy, bound it, and took the first step. The treatment environment of Intermima Island is not good. The heavenly court has posted a notice for nearly a thousand years. There is no god willing to come to the island. Although Pluto has great power, he is lonely and lonely after all. Until the ugly prime minister suddenly visits, he is overjoyed and hosts a banquet.

However, the ugly prime minister heard that Pluto was distressed, and he was happy in his heart. He immediately suggested that he should know people and be good, find a few right-hand men to stay on the island, and take the opportunity to mention Nezha and the little dragon girl, and praise the two talents for their excellent work, which is worthy of a heart. Thigh brachial. Pluto took the advice and forced the ugly prime minister to stay in the mansion to help, and then leave after everything went well.

Nezha and his party fumbled for the whereabouts of Hades, but the entrance to Hades Palace was hard to find, and they unexpectedly met a mysterious monk. The monk claimed to be the original wish and knew where the palace was, and then he led them. During the course, the journey was dark and narrow, with thorns entangled, ghosts and spirits cried out, and the little dragon girl fell into the illusion. She was also blocked by Sister Mei, but Nezha saw through the true colors of Li Jing and his wife and Aunt Yang, and broke through the illusion and the temptation of fantasy.

The cave was filled with fog, and the monk disappeared for no reason. Nezha remembered the safety of his companions, and immediately returned to the place, but saw Feng Xiaoge indulging in reminiscing with sister Mei, and eating the soil as a steamed bun, and Xiaolongnu tried to rescue the Dragon King of the East China Sea without hesitation. Vines, vowed to open the cage.

Nezha stopped fruitless, but was questioned and condemned by the two people. When he was unable to do anything, he hoped that the monk would reappear and transform into a Pluto. Not only did he appreciate Nezha’s abilities, he hoped to keep him in charge of the Infinite Island. Thinking of this purpose, Nezha confronted Pluto and learned that Ao Guang’s detention was purely a rumor. In addition, there is no good way to deal with it, so he simply agreed to ask Pluto to unlock the fairyland of the little dragon girl and protect him with sound transmission spider silk.

Because of the promise of the other party, Nezha put aside his doubts, first followed the king to visit, and then went to Sinshigang to patrol the prisoners. He found that the prisoners were of different origins and the crimes were serious. They were tied to the stone pillar with only a chain, and there was no cloud cover. Top, there is no hiding place. Since the island has no four seasons, it is extremely hot in the daytime and extremely cold at night. The sufferings are limited to the skin and bones, and it is difficult to touch the regrets in their hearts. If the crime is reduced for a long time, if you encounter it again The incident is still the same.

Nezha and Pluto are still entangled in trivial matters, and the ugly prime minister wants to take the life of the dragon female. Unexpectedly, before he does it, Pluto has rushed to stop him, letting the ugly prime minister clever tongue like a tongue, and still ruthlessly reveal the conspiracy on the spot. Drive it away in time.

The Ugly Prime Minister returned to the Dragon Palace to return to life. Although he could not kill Nezha and others, he could ensure that they were in jail and could not take care of themselves. Yu Ji worries that the little dragon girl will use the Island of Infinite to fight back against the demon clan, while the ugly prime minister thinks that Nezha is untamable, and the little dragon girl is dedicated to revenge. It will take a long time for Pluto to completely subdue it. As long as she sees stitches and provokes discord, conflicts can be added.

Pluto’s study was in a mess, and there was no way to start. When Nezha rearranged all the scrolls, he almost collapsed and was exhausted. Nezha was inspired by the dream and compared the steamer to a prison, and the steamed bun as a prisoner, remembering that Wujian Island now has no rules and order, and everyone can be managed hierarchically according to the method of steaming steamed steamed buns.

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