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The Eight 外八行 Episode 9 Recap

Zhong Yao asked Doctor Edward of Western Medicine to come to Hua Min Chu for a comprehensive examination tomorrow. She did not believe in the poisonous matter. Xishui heard Zhong Yao and Hua Min Chu’s conversation and left with anger, and Hua Min Chu followed her. It’s uncomfortable to go to her on the excuse that the affair is uncomfortable, and the affair is inconvenient for each other. Xishui doesn’t want to be separated from Hua Minchu, let alone detoxify him. Hua Minchu is moved to tears, and Xishui knows he is. Cried for myself, immediately burst into laughter, ran away happily, and accidentally dropped the silver jewelry on his body.

Huamin couldn’t sleep at night, and came to the pond in the yard alone in a daze, thinking about the little things he had had since acquaintance with Xishui, and he had mixed feelings in his heart. Li Jue went directly to the gate of the Governor’s Mansion and swaggered to go in to see Supervisor Luan. The soldiers at the door did not allow him to enter. Li Jue sent a letter to Supervisor Luan with a flying pigeon, and informed Supervisor Luan in the tone of the beginning of China. Withdrawing from Beijing, I hope Supervisor Luan can rest assured that Supervisor Luan is wanted throughout the country in the name of the assassin who slipped through the net and wanted to let others toss the early Huamin.

Zhong Yao asked Uncle Huan to withdraw money to dismiss all the servants at home, and she decided to go to the United States alone. Early in the morning, Hua Min Chu packed his suitcases, and put the Ten Xingzhe scrolls and the silver jewelry on the table. He went to find Zhong Yao to go to the United States. He didn’t expect that Zhong Yao had already rushed to Tianjin in advance and left it with Hua Min Chu. A letter, Zhong Yao didn’t want to delay Hwaminchu’s lofty ambitions and didn’t want him to embarrass him. Huaminchu chased after the station without saying a word. Seeing that the train had already gone, Hwaminchu was sad when he sat on the platform. I can see clearly on one side.

Fang Yuanji had nothing overnight. He was passive and decadent. The man suddenly came out of the prison and gave him a severe lesson. The man wanted Fang Yuanji to get rid of Supervisor Luan while the Eight Elements were in trouble, and then use the investigation. The murderer had the opportunity to strangle these people in Baxing. He did not expect that his impulse would lead to all losses. Fang Yuanji repeatedly claimed that Governor Luan was his adoptive father. He could not do it. That person had already made careful arrangements for Fang Yuanji and agreed. Waiting for him in Kunming.

Jin Xiu Niang returned to Guangzhou with red sleeves and asked Tao Hua to stay and settle the girls. Qiming asked to go with Jin Xiu Niang to Guangzhou. At the beginning of Huamin, after repeated considerations, he decided to follow Xishui back to Kunming to relieve his love, and then dismissed Qianshou and his party. Early Hua Min and Xi Shuilai bid farewell to Jin Xiuniang, Ke Shu went to buy tickets, and bought back today’s newspaper by the way.

It stated that a cartoon was set up in Hankou to catch up with China in the early Republic of China. Wuhan was the only way to Kunming. Jin Xiuniang opened the newspaper. Seeing a piece of news, Xue Fengming, the cousin of General Xue Jian, the former chief executive in southern Yunnan, returned home secretly. She did not appear publicly in Wuhan yesterday and called for the North-South peace talks through newspapers. Jin Xiuniang remembered that Xue Fengming was a business woman and wanted her help. At the beginning of Huamin, Jin Xiuniang asked Di listen to the message to Xue Fengming, and asked them to go to Wulipo outside Wuhan to meet Xue Fengming.

Zhong Yao is the King of Truth Listening, nicknamed Liu Er. When she learned that Xishui and Ke Shu had already set off for Kunming in the early days of the Republic of China, she felt sad. Ke Shu drove Xishui and Hua Minchu to Wulipo. Hua Minchu wanted to take Xishui for a round in the city. Xishui was ecstatic. He rode halfway and was ambushed by the iron tribulus on the road.

After puncturing the tire, there was a donkey cart driver passing by, persuading them to leave as soon as possible, otherwise there would be bandits to rob. Hua Minchu asked him about ten miles away from Wulipo, and the coachman promised to send the three of them to Wuli. Po, he promised to let his friends drive the car back for them to repair. Hua Min didn’t think much at the beginning, so he took the luggage and got into the donkey cart. Unexpectedly, the coachman was a member of Xianliu’s party. Suddenly, a lot of ropes came out under the donkey cart. Individuals were tightly bound, and the coachman drove them to Wulipo quickly.

When the donkey cart reached the three-way intersection, a car suddenly rushed out. The driver ran away in fright. The people jumped out of the car and ran after them. The donkey cart lost control and rushed forward. Hua Min first kicked the baffle forcefully with his foot. Forced to stop the donkey cart with their feet, the three of them were detained under the cart. Hua Minchu was smashed and fractured. Ke Shu made him splint shoes with wooden boards. Xue Fengming sent someone to pick up the early Huamin, and he caught the driver on the spot. The early Huamin did not blame the driver and let him go.

Xue Fengming was waiting for the early Huamin in Wulipo, and he prepared clothes for them, and then took them through the checkpoint. Xue Fengming used the pseudonym Xu Marie, and the soldiers severely questioned her. She lied about taking her relatives and friends to the funeral. The soldiers discovered Hua Minchu is very familiar, Xue Fengming suddenly took off Hua Minchu’s hat and exposed him as a wanted criminal.

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