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The Eight 外八行 Episode 8 Recap

At the beginning of the Chinese People’s Republic of China , the immortal liu was disbanded

Ke book transfer signal horn, Valley of Flowers believe is the gun stolen plainclothes, on-site there are a lot of towers, there will be snipers hiding here, hope the water ‘s task is to use Mercury settle them. If Zhang Lu wants to transfer more officers and soldiers, he will definitely come from the side of the road. Jin Xiu Niang ’s task is to fascinate them with pollen.Although Fang Yuanji is not the executor, he will not give up. The task of dealing with him is left. On the king’s side, the messages passed between each other were left to Di listen. Sir Alex and Qiming didn’t arrange a task, because they were not in the Eight Elements, and the task of Hua Min Chu was to attract Zhang Lu’s attention.

Supervisor Luan has decided to advance the execution time by one day. Zhong Yao looked at the photos before Hua Min Chu at home, and he remembered what Hua Min Chu had said. Uncle Huan said that Young Master eventually became the bearer, and it was difficult for the Zhong family to shelter him, and Zhong Yao said that he must protect him even more.

At the beginning of Hua Min and Xishui came to look for Ke Shu. Ke Shu’s installations were almost ready. At this time, the Eight Immortals came here. Hua Min Chu told him all the plans. The Eight Immortals looked like the number of days in an even number, so they wanted to keep Ou Xiang. Thinking that the incense in his hand was broken, the Eight Immortals realized that the assassination would not take that long. At this moment, Die heard the news and began to execute the torture tomorrow. When Huamin first saw the time change, he decided to change it. He immediately cancelled all the plans. He wanted to use plans other than the eight elements.

Before the execution of the sentence, Hua Minchu had arranged for reporters and all the plans had been implemented. The time for the execution had come, and Fang Yuanji did not appear. The people let the uprising let them go, and Fang Yuanji came to the execution ground when Zhang Lu was about to read the guilt. The execution was about to begin. Unexpectedly, the execution platform collapsed. The little beggar reminded Zhang Yu to be killed. This was exactly what the popcorn man in the execution ground did.

At the beginning of Hua Min came to the execution ground, he said that there was no murderer in the scene, and only Fang Yuanji knew the murderer. Zhang Lu believed that when the Chinese people were on the scene at the beginning of the Republic of China, people from the outside world would definitely appear, and reporters also came here to question, so the people began to revolt, so Zhang Lu did not know how to respond. This action that did not involve the rivers and lakes in the rescue is actually the opposite. The ordinary people who can best represent the Eight Elements are among the shouting people. They are not supernatural and do not fly over the walls, and they often remain silent for their entire lives. No sound, but some voices should be made, and some shouts are uncontrollable. Until this incident, many people truly believed in their hearts that the best candidates for the dissolution of the Eight Elements in the early days of Huamin.

In the chaos, they rescued others. A reporter insulted Supervisor Luan, and Fang Yuanji shot him when he heard it. After Hua Minchu heard the sound, he was ready to turn his head to stop it. He was stopped by Xishui. Xishui told Hua Minchu that the man was only injured in his left shoulder and that his life was not in danger. The teacher and student and Zhang Yu have been rescued. After they were taken to a safe place, the teacher and classmates left. Hua Minchu was talking to Zhang Yu. Suddenly many killers appeared. Fortunately, even if the outsiders appeared, the latter was the Eight Immortals. prepare. Zhang Yu was caught by them. Hua Minchu did not kill him, but expelled him from Beijing.

Zhang Lu and Fang Yuanji reported the incident to Supervisor Luan. Fang Yuanji wanted the people to shoot, and Supervisor Luan was very angry. His subordinates spoke for Fang Yuanji and were killed by Supervisor Luan. Supervisor Luan regarded Fang Yuanji as a half son. He relieved Fang Yuanji from his duties and expelled him from Beijing.

The Xianliu group has been disbanded, and the plan for the disbandment of business women is about to be implemented. Now they have to make it clear to Supervisor Luan. When Hua Minchu returned home, Zhong Yao told him that the affairs of the United States had been done. Before Hua Minchu asked Zhong Yao for help, Zhong Yao’s condition was to let him go to the United States. Zhong Yao asked Hua Minchu if he had any plans. Zhong Yao knew that he hadn’t planned it. Hua Minchu said that he would do what he promised, but his love has not been resolved.

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