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The Eight 外八行 Episode 7 Recap

Supervisor Luan heard that Zhong Yao was changing his property. He thought Zhong Yao was going to fly away. Zhong Yao said that this was for the airplane business. For the plane, Supervisor Luan would let go of the early Huamin Dynasty, but he would not let it go. People. Zhong Yao said that he was with them some time ago and discovered that they wanted to escape to the south. Why should they arrest them if they want to leave? Duan Luan issued a release order to Hua Min Chu and Wai Ba Xing, but would not let them go.

Fang Yuanji arrested Hua Minchu’s classmates for interrogation. That student didn’t know if he asked three questions. His subordinates told Fang Yuanji that Zhang Lu caught a group of students with Hua Minchu outside the city. Fang Yuanji knew Zhang Lu was Come to take his place, and Zhang Yu and Xianliu have been arrested.

Hua Minchu and the others came to a safe place. The Eight Immortals told Hua Minchu that he had a relationship with the picture scroll when he was born. At that time, Hua Minchu’s mother was born as the holder of the scroll, and she used Hua Minchu’s birthday as The code was also entrusted to the Eight Immortals, and later the Eight Immortals sent him to Zhong’s house. The Eight Immortals believed that the early Hua Min Dynasty would bring light to the Eight Elements. When you find Wanshanhe scrolls and combine the two volumes into one, you may find the final solution. The contest between Yuzhi and the Eight Immortals has just begun. He wants to prove that the Eight Elements will not move toward the light, and that power and things are what they need.

Zhong Yao returned home and found that Hua Min Chu had returned. She did not disturb Hua Min Chu, but chose to leave quietly. Greek water courtyards, he knew early Republic of China and Hua Zhong Yao has been a marriage, it would not be lying regarding the drug situation.

The next morning, Hua Minchu asked Zhong Yao about the marriage contract. She told her her plan and planned to take him to the United States. Zhong Yao said that their marriage contract was arranged by their parents. Hua Minchu did not like feudal arrangements. Zhong Yao told him that he knew about this marriage contract when he was a child, and when she reached the age to discuss marriage, she always thought of the early Hua Min Chu, who said he did not want to get married.

Xishui appeared in front of Huaminchu wearing student clothes. Sir Alex told him that the group of students and Xianliu had been arrested. Huaminchu and Xishui decided to go to Qingyin Pavilion. Zhong Yao stood upstairs and saw Hua Minchu and Xishui arguing out together. She walked into the room very sadly.

Supervisor Luan had asked Zhang Lu to replace Fang Yuanji, and Fang Yuanji decided to find Zhang Yu. Xishui taught Huagu how to use the Truth to convey the news in the early days of the Republic of China. Sir Alex looked at the people in the Forbidden City. In order to save the people who killed so many people, Huagu wanted to take Sir Alex to see his master. At this time, they received the story of Truth. Coming news. Everyone met in Qingyin Hall. Now there is an important task to save those students. Zhang Yu and Xianliu will also save them. Everyone agreed. At the beginning of Hua Min, they could not kill innocent people indiscriminately. Wang Yifang and Xishui agreed. At the beginning of Hua Min, they had already figured out a solution.

Fang Yuanji came to see Zhang Yu and found that Zhang Yu had been taken elsewhere. At this time, a prisoner called Fang Yuanji. He made suggestions to Fang Yuanji and told him to be calm and calm about this matter and tell him later. He draws a salary from the bottom of his tank. The execution will begin in the morning the day after tomorrow. There will be a lot of police officers on the scene, and Zhang Lu will also arrange plainclothes police officers. At the beginning of Hua Min, he had already figured out countermeasures to cause interference on the scene. The two speakers on the execution ground were used by them to transmit signals. This task was entrusted to them. the Ke books .

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