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The Eight 外八行 Episode 6 Recap

Early Republic of China Xi water to hide in the Forbidden City Early Republic of China will hold the volume of people to do again

The students uprised to find out the truth. Hua Min Chu and Xishui mixed into the crowd. Hua Min Chu saw the leader, and his father was like that in his heart. At this time, the police came to beat the leader and Hua Min Chu could not stand to stop him. At their desperation, the little beggars drove the police away.

Zhang Yu was called away by Supervisor Luan, and Zhang Yu offered advice to Supervisor Luan to use herself as a bait to draw out the Eight Elements. Duban Luan was worried that other people would not come to him, so he said that he would arrest everyone in Xianliu. If Baxingren didn’t come to save him, he would be executed on the spot.

Fang Yuanji brought people to Zhong’s house to search. Zhong Yao got a cup of coffee for Fang Yuanji. Fang Yuanji asked where Hua Minchu was. His subordinates did not find any trace of Hua Minchu. Fang Yuanji said that as long as he would not let the Huaminchu in one day, Zhong Yao asked him to think about staying in Beijing for a few days. Fang Yuanji didn’t understand what she meant, so he asked him to find out what happened to Zhang Lu. .

At the beginning of Huamin, he woke up in a daze. The little beggars took him and Xishui to a place called the Forbidden City. The teachers and some students who led the parade were all here. Both Hua Min Chu and his teachers hated the current government very much. They didn’t think about the country.

Sir Alex Ferguson took them to visit the Forbidden City, Xishui was very popular with children, and the people here lived happily. The Forbidden City was originally the place where the Qing Dynasty was located and the core of feudal power, but now it has become a joke here. These strong people do not envy the imperial power and wealth, they just live happily. Hua Minchu looked at this place as a peaceful place. Ferguson asked him what the Eight Elements looked like in his eyes. Hua Minchu said that he and them are two worlds. After hearing what Hua Min Chu said, the teacher wrote a report that Zhong Yao knew people from the Chamber of Commerce, and this matter was handed over to Hua Min Chu.

Sir Alex Ferguson would go to the morning dynasty every day, he would pay attention to the current situation of the people here, and he would settle the matter on the spot. Hua Min Chu asked how Ferguson Forbidden City came. He said that he had discovered this place when he came out of the orphanage. At this time, there was noise outside. Qi Ming came to tell Hua Min Chu that someone was coming to arrest him, and Xi Shui took Hua Min Chu to leave. , Qiming and Ferguson fought side by side. The police here raided, no one thought there was something to make fun of kids, people arrested with Zhang Lu, Ferguson blocking them, the Valley of Flowers appear rescued Ferguson.

Zhong Yao came to see Supervisor Luan. She was about to meet with Mrs. Joseph of the United States to discuss the purchase of helicopters. Supervisor Luan was very interested. Zhong Yao said that he wanted to go to the United States to get engaged with Hua Minchu. Luan Supervisory Office determined that Hua Minchu kidnapped her. Zhong Yao explained to him and said that it has nothing to do with the outsiders. All this is a coincidence. Because of this incident, the sale of airplanes was also postponed, and Supervisor Luan was afraid that the purchase of the airplane would be ruined, so he wanted to discuss with Zhong Yao.

Hua Minchu and Xishui were out of danger, and soon reunited with Jin Xiuniang and the others, and the police continued to pursue them. At the beginning of Huamin, she didn’t want to be a document holder anymore. Jin Xiuniang said that only by becoming a document holder, twenty years of things can be turned over and Baxing can help her and Zhong Yao. Jin Xiuniang apologized to Hua Minchu in the name of the master of all walks. Then others followed. Jin Xiuniang talked about their business women’s experience, and Wang Yifang also talked about the tasks of the black yarn team. They all have their own responsibilities. They wanted to find the real scroller and lead them to the right path. Hua Minchu finally took the scroll.

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