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The Eight 外八行 Episode 5 Recap

The news of the wanted outside eight trades has been published in the newspaper. Zhang Yu returned home and found that his servants were all tied up. He knew that the Hua Minchu and others had arrived at home, and they decided to hold the eight trades association here. The Eight Immortals had n’t arrived yet, Sir Alex found the Eight Immortals in the secret room of the room. The Eight Immortals had been drunk and slept here for a day and a night. The Eight Trades Association was about to begin. Hua Min Chu wanted to leave with Zhong Yao first. Jin Xiuniang told him that he could not leave now, and Wang Yifang stopped him. Hua Minchu said that they were people from two worlds and did not want to get involved in this matter. The Eight Immortals said that the meeting would be half an hour and they could leave after the meeting. Hua Minchu had to agree.

Zhang Yu opened the screen, a courtyard appeared behind him, and everyone walked in. The Eight Trades Association officially began. The Eight Immortals and each line saluteed one by one. Liu Er, the King of Truth Listening, asked a bird to listen on his behalf. Ke Shu was late as the master of the Moban. At the beginning of the Chinese people did not expect that Ke Shu was also one of the eight lines. The handover ceremony officially began. The next person in charge of the scroll was Jin Xiuniang, and Zhang Yu held the scroll and was reluctant to hand it over. Zhang Yu wanted to tell about twenty years of things, Zhong Yao pretended to take Hua Mingchu to leave, Zhang Yu told Hua Mingchu’s life experience.

At the beginning of Hua Min, it was the child of Yu Zhi and Liu Yan, the then lord of Yiyang. Ba Xing did not allow the two lines to join forces. Therefore, Ba Xing set the iron law of not getting married, so the three of them must be eliminated. Yu Zhi and Liu Yan were unwilling to compromise, and finally both died in the flames. Their child was the early Hua Min Dynasty. Zhong Yao said that Hua Min Chu’s life experience was not what they said. Hua Min Chu did not believe what Zhang Yu said. Zhang Yu said that the information of his parents can be forged. If you want to know the truth, you should ask Xishui. .

Xishui thought about the imprint she had talked about. She insisted that she was talking nonsense. Wang Yifang pulled off the clothes of the early Huamin Dynasty and found the mark of the sword pavilion. Wang’s party must act according to the rules. Zhong Yao told about the first marriage contract between her and Huamin. Wang’s party said that this did not stop their rules. Wang Yifang approached Huaminchu step by step, Xishui suddenly kissed Huaminchu, and gave him a midsummer love poison in his body. The love poison is a bug she cultivated since childhood. There is now one in each of their bodies, and the two cannot be separated by a hundred feet. , They will live and die together.

In the early days of Huamin, they cursed the outsiders and worked hard to rescue them, but the things that went after the storm were endless. The king wanted to take action against Hua Min Chu, and the Eight Immortals stood up to stop them. Jin Xiuniang got the picture scroll and entrusted Hua Min Chu to take the place of the scroll. As long as he became the holder of the scroll, Ba Xing would not kill him. Hua Min Chu was still hesitating, Zhong Yao knelt down and let Hua Min Chu take the scroll. Hua Min Chu had no choice but to take the picture scroll and become the new one.

Zhang Yu wanted to accomplish this simply, but they didn’t follow it. He opened the screen, and there were already many policemen outside. Fang Yuanji said that when he came to catch the beginning of the Chinese People’s Republic, all the eight people were taken away by Fang Yuanji. A group of students revolted on the street to find out the truth about the train stabbing. At this moment, gunfire suddenly sounded and the scene was very random. Everyone took the opportunity to flee. Hua Minchu was injured by Fang Yuanji, and they were from the Qing Dynasty.

Fang Yuanji went to court Supervisor Luan, and Supervisor Luan stated that he did not want anyone to influence the plan to recapture the South. Fang Yuanji gritted his teeth at the beginning of the Chinese people. When everyone ran to a safe place, Sir Alex suggested to find Hua Min Chu first. Zhong Yao came to see Supervisor Luan, Zhang Lu said that this was a great opportunity to recover the Zhong family, and Supervisor Luan made an excuse for not seeing Zhong Yao. Sir Alex Ferguson mobilized all the children in the city to find Hua Min Chu, and Supervisor Luan had issued a wanted list of Hua Min Chu.

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