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The Eight 外八行 Episode 4 Recap

Early Republic of China Zhang Yu death gamble Fang Yuan extremely threatening to plead guilty early Republican China

Ke Shu thought that there was a secret road leading to Wangfujing in the Royal Hotel. Jin Xiuniang got the gunpowder through her contacts, and they also got the whereabouts of the big people, and their plan could begin.

Valley of Flowers and Alex disguised as students prepare to xianshuigu station, VIP train will stop here, they abducted the train station, disguised their appearance on the train, Valley of Flowers and Sir Alex will be a compartment of police The members are all confused. Ke Shu and Xishui completed theinstallation of explosives in the underground reservoir. Because of Xishui’s mischief, the hammers and hooks in Ke Shu’s hands fell into the water. As a last resort, the silver ornaments on Xishui’s clothes were used.

Hua Min Chu and Jin Xiuniang came to the Royal Hotel, and Jin Xiuniang was relieved when she saw the girls in the wine cellar. Hua Min Chu, Jin Xiu Niang and Qi Ming came to the appointment. If Hua Min Chu loses Liu Tang’s murderer, he will have a stake, and this bet can only save the business woman. Zhang Yu invited many gambling kings this time. Let the Huamin first class be put to death. Zhong Yao was used by Zhang Yu as a bargaining chip, only Hua Minchu’s life could make up, and Hua Minchu agreed.

The rescue plan has already begun. The big man Huagu and Ferguson want to kidnap is Supervisor Luan. Ferguson was very scared when he knew it, but what Huagu said must be done. Ferguson can only bite the bullet together. The gambling between Hua Minchu and Zhang Yu has already begun. They are playing Russian roulette. There is a bullet in the gun. Whoever is the turn will fire a shot. Life and death are in their own hands. Ke Shu has already calculated the chances for Huaminchu, but he has to shoot himself first. Zhang Yu has the chance to take the first shot on the grounds of the dealer. The last shot is from Huaminchu. Everyone is working for Huaminchu. Worried, Fang Yuanji received a call from Supervisor Luan at this time. He walked out and asked Hua Minchu to put down his gun, and Hua Minchu escaped.

Fang Yuanji questioned Zhang Yu. Zhang Yu said that things were not that simple. At this time, the real Supervisor Luan appeared. It turned out that Huagu and the others kidnapped the fake Supervisor Luan. The gambling was about to continue. At the last moment, the explosives underground was detonated, and everyone fled. Zhang Yu got the pistol on the ground and fired at Huaminchu, Wang Yifang appeared to rescue him.

After the sewer was blown up, the sleep inside would enter the wine cellar. The barrels in the wine cellar were sufficiently buoyant, and the merchants were all rescued. Hua Minchu prepared to take Zhong Yao away. Fang Yuanji asked Hua Minchu to sign a confession, and he threatened with Zhong Yao, Hua Minchu was forced to sign a confession.

The reporters were all blocked at the door of Supervisor Luan. The Southern Newspaper stated that it was Supervisor Luan who killed Liu Tang. Supervisor Luan said that it was someone from outsiders who planned to give the people an explanation. When the reporters asked about explosives, Supervisor Luan kept silent. Later, Supervisor Luan asked him to resolve the issue of the early Huamin Dynasty. Fang Yuanji took people to the Qingyin Pavilion to search. Hua Minchu and others had already hid in the secret room of Qingyin Pavilion.

Now Supervisor Luan will not let them go. Huamin wanted to let everyone leave Beijing. Jin Xiuniang said that the matter was not over yet, and the handover of picture scrolls had not been completed. The rule of leaving for eight years was broken. The handover of the picture scroll is not only the end of the picture scroll, but also the Eight Trade Association. Now they are not clear about the idea and plan of the Eight Immortals . Whether the Eight Trades can be dissolved smoothly is in one move. According to the deduction of time, Zhang Yu should be in charge of the picture scroll, but Zhang Yu is not right now.

At the beginning of Hua Min, as an agent in charge of drawing scrolls, it was negotiated when the guest entered the scene. All the members of the Eight Lines Association and Eight Lines must be present. Now the Zhong family is also Fang Yuanji’s soldiers, and the Hua Min couldn’t go back at the beginning, so he could only agree. Zhang Yu came to Fang Yuanji and told him that the Eight Trades Association would be held tomorrow.

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