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The Eight 外八行 Episode 3 Recap

Early Republic of China gold embroidered mother cooperation to save the Valley of Flowers Ferguson to join the rescue team

Hua Minchu got up early in the morning and asked if Zhong Yao ‘s girl had gone last night. Zhong Yao joked that he had been thinking about it all night, and Hua Minchu said that he no longer remembered her appearance. When Xishui came out, Hua Minchu asked her how her injury was. Zhong Yao asked her to sit down and have breakfast together. Xishui had never eaten these foods, and ate a lot. Hua Minchu also thoughtfully added sugar and milk to her coffee, and Zhong Yao on the side looked at her.

Before breakfast was finished, Zhong Yaobiao said that he had to go out for something, and at the beginning of Huamin he asked Xishui to leave after eating. Xi Shui has been following Hua Min Chu. She wants to take Hua Min Chu back to Kunming. Xi Shui will show the insect Mercury she raised to Hua Min Chu. Hua Min Chu sees the insects very obediently. Xi Shui Shu Yi Yang can easily control it. They, since the beginning of Huamin left, there has been no anodizing teacher there, and the beginning of Huamin comforted Xishui. Xishui laughed that they were not a tribe, they were also one of the Eight Lines. At the beginning of Huamin, he wanted to know about the outside Eight Lines, and Xishui told her when he said to take her out to play.

At the beginning of Hua Min, Xishui took Xishui to walk around the bridge. Xishui told him that Jin Xiuniang and others wanted to leave the Eight Lines and find another way. They had a great time playing in Xishui over the bridge. Zhong Yao was taken away by Zhang Yu on the street. He wanted Hua Minchu to exchange the picture scrolls, but Ke Shu saw this scene .

Ke Shu found Hua Minchu and told him the incident. When Hua Minchu came home, the house had been turned over. Uncle Huan still had injuries on his face. It was Zhang Yu’s people who had come. Hua Minchu was going to find Zhang Yu. He should be safe if he didn’t get the picture scroll Zhong Yao. Ke Shu proposed to ask the northern government for help. Hua Minchu decided to go to Qingyin Pavilion.

At the beginning of Hua Min came to the annex, Qiming told his sisters that they had been taken away. Although Jin Xiu Niang had a very wide network, no one wanted to help. Now Zhong Yao was also kidnapped, and the two things were together, he decided to find a way.

Zhang Yu has investigated the life experience of Hua Minchu, and knows that Hua Minchu and Zhong Yao have a marriage contract. Zhang Yu thinks this is a wonderful thing. Zhang Yu asked Zhong Yao to urge Hua Min Chu to bring the picture scroll. Zhong Yao said he wanted to stay here for a few more days. Zhang Yu said that Hua Min Chu assassinated the North-South negotiating envoy. Zhong Yao knew that he wanted not only the picture scroll but also Early Huamin.

In the evening, Fang Yuanji went to find Zhang Yu. Now the supervisor needs someone to confess his guilt, and he lets Zhang Yu resolve the matter. Zhang Yu wrote a note to the beginning of the Hua Min Dynasty, asking him to go to a gambling game in the Royal Hotel, and use the picture scroll to replace people. Jin Xiuniang thought this was a trap, and Hua Min initially expressed that he wanted to gamble, so he gambled a big one.

Jin Xiuniang, Hua Minchu, and Qiming went to Huagu, and they asked Huagu for help. They wanted to carry out a robbery. Huagu went to look for Sir Alex Ferguson’s help, Sir Alex decisively refused, and Huagu stole all the money from Sir Alex Ferguson, leaving him with the name card of Qingyin Pavilion.

Xishui and Ke Shu took advantage of the night to go to the garrison headquarters archives, Xishui put the laxative in advance, and while the soldiers went to the toilet, they got the map of the Imperial Hotel, and Ke Shu wrote down the plan with Superman’s memory. Sir Ferguson came to Qingyin Pavilion at night, and was greeted by the Golden Thread Formation. Sir Alex Ferguson came to the Golden Thread Formation easily, but he was still placed by Huagu.

Ke Shu drew down the plan. He heard Sir Alex’s call and went to see the situation. At the beginning of Huamin, they let them release Ferguson, saying that his sister should not let others get involved. Ferguson knew that the person who needed to be saved was Zhong Yao. It was Zhong Yao who saved his life back then, and he was willing to help. Everyone was locked up in the wine cellar, and Ke Shu thought of a way to save people.

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