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The Eight 外八行 Episode 2 Recap

Hua Min Chu came to Qingyin Hall to rehearse. He was teaching them patiently. At this time, the police from the Beijing Garrison Department broke in and arrested Hua Min Chu. The girls blocked him. Hua Min Chu did not want to embarrass them, so he had to talk to the police. go away. At this time, Qiming appeared to block the police, but he did not expect to be taken away by the police.

The news that Hua Minchu was arrested by Zhong Yao already knew that Hua Minchu and Qiming were locked up in a room. The police came in to release their handcuffs and released Hua Minchu. At first, Hua Min felt inexplicably unwilling to leave, and was finally taken away by police forcibly. Hua Minchu went home and asked Zhong Yao why he had to pay bail. What he wanted was to prove his innocence. Zhong Yao wanted to protect him. Hua Minchu hoped that Zhong Yao could consider him in the future.

Qingyin Pavilion held a guest meeting for entering the curtain. Supervisor Luan Xuwei also came here to participate. At the beginning of China, the girls were put on makeup in the background. Zhong Yao and Shanshan arrived late. At the beginning of Huamin, he played the anomalous Jing Ke assassinating Qin. He just came to the stage to perform. The Eight Immortals dropped the map of the props prepared by the beginning of Huamin. At the beginning of Huamin he could only take the scroll of the ten lines on stage. On the stage, King Qin played Jin Xiuniang and Jin Xiuniang. Get the drawing and step down.

Fang Yuanji and Zhang Yu came backstage to snatch the picture scroll, Jin Xiu Niang was not the enemy of Fang Yuanji, she threw the drawing on the stage to rush to the curtain call. Jin Xiu Niang announced in public that the guest of the curtain was Fang Yuanji, and Luan was overjoyed, and the others disappeared. Gold embroidered mother wants to take the scrolls, then widowed Taoist master Yi Yang appeared to rob scrolls, one of the king appeared promptly stopped her, Valley of Flowers snatched the scrolls, she said, had decided the Eight Immortals eight rows of the main alternative, they Return the picture scroll to the early Huamin.

Fang Yuanji came to Qingyin Pavilion to take Jin Xiuniang and the girls away, Qiming stood up and was knocked to the ground. When Hua Minchu ran home, the password to open the picture scroll was his birth date. Hua Minchu didn’t understand who did this. He opened the picture scroll and checked it on the ground, not understanding why so many people robbed it.

The widowed man broke into the room of the early Hua Min and asked him to hand over the picture scroll. She found the seal of the sword pavilion on the early Hua Min. The widowed person was happily called Senior Brother Hua Minchu, and introduced herself as Xi Shui, and there was a mark on her lower abdomen, which proved that they were senior brothers and sisters, Hua Minchu was confused. When Zhong Yao heard the sound, she saw Hua Min Chu and Xi Shui pulling and pulling, she turned around and left. Hua Min Chu hurried to catch up with the explanation. Zhong Yao lost his anger when he heard his explanation. Zhong Yao was worried about Hua Min At first, I didn’t want him to be influenced by people in the world.

Zhang Yu believed that the descendants of the early Hua Ming Dynasty and Master Yuzhi were deceived by Xianliu in the arena. Zhang Yu ignored his brother’s opposition and wanted to open Yuzhi’s grave for inspection. After Yu Zhi’s tomb was opened, there was a three-year-old child’s bone in the coffin. This bone was 50 years old. It is inferred that the child was a pile of bones when he was buried. Not ordinary, Zhang Yu didn’t expect that Yu Zhi would even make a round when he died.

In the twenty years of the enactment, the dead suddenly resurrected. He went to find the Eight Immortals. He thought it was unnecessary to let the Eight Elements retreat. Ask the Eight Immortals to hand over the Ten Xingzhe drawing, he has found a suitable person to take over. Baxian said that he had already found a person, and he wanted to see who could do it.

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