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The Eight 外八行 Episode 11 Recap

Xue Fengming knew that his brother Xue Jian had always been at odds with Dujun Rao during his lifetime, and worried that Dujun Rao would play tricks. Hua Minchu and Yang Zhaoshan agreed in advance that if someone came to pick up Xue Fengming with the sword, Xue Fengming could go with him. , If the visitor does not bring a saber, he will act by chance.

Valley of Flowers and the kids play in full swing, the crane cloud Qin Lanting complex life master, Qin Lanting very angry, Valley of Flowers without running out has made a taboo, and now the delay did not return, Crane cloud again and again as the Valley of Flowers to talk about things, Valley of Flowers hurried back to one thousand Yangfang came to greet Master, Master punished her to stand a candle, and Huagu took the scroll to spread the word, letting everyone protect the legacy of Xue Fengming and General Xue Jian. Qin Lanting did not dare to neglect, and promised to arrange the front of Qianyangfang as soon as possible. To protect.

Yang Zhaoshan came to see Rao Dujun and Ding Tianci alone. When Rao Dujun saw him coming to the banquet alone, he threw the wine glass in anger. Soldiers came to attack Yang Zhaoshan after hearing the news. Yang Zhaoshan beat them with three punches and two kicks, and Ding Tianci hurriedly finished the game. , Claiming that he still has the elite soldiers on standby at any time, Rao Dujun would not buy it at all, threatening to have Xue Fengming come, let her sign on the dismissal document, release Ding Tianci’s military power, Yang Zhaoshan warned Rao Dujun not to move Xue Fengming With one finger, Rao Dujun ordered Yang Zhaoshan’s saber to be paid.

Rao Dujun sent someone to pick up Xue Fengming with a saber. Xue Fengming left with them without saying a word. Hua Min Chu was worried, and Paikeshu followed them. Once they found something was wrong, he immediately went to Sanyepo to report to him. Xishui heard that Hua Min Chu was going to Sanyepo, she was ecstatic, even though Hua Min Chu repeatedly emphasized that he wanted to go to Sanyepo to get rid of the poison, Xishui couldn’t take care of that much. She was happy to take Hua Minchu to her site. , I repeatedly explained that Sanyepo has not had an anode teacher for many years, so he is now a woman. At the beginning of Huamin, he accidentally saw the butterfly-like iris blooming on the roadside, so he took out the handkerchief and wrapped it up, wanting to give it to love Zhong Yao of the butterfly.

Zhong Yao and Li Jue traveled all the way to see Qin Lanting in Qianyangfang, Yunnan. According to the rules, they had to pass three passes. Huagu was lying on the ground and standing candles. She heard that Li Jue was here, so she was excited to introduce Li Jue’s life to Qin Lanting. Qin Lanting was very interested in the situation and wanted to wait until Li Jue had passed the three passes.

The first pass is called the Bell Pass. The two rows of wooden stakes are covered with intricate red silk threads, and there are many bells tied to the lines. As long as the red silk threads are safely passed without touching the bells, it is considered to pass. Relying on his agile skill, he easily passed the level before the firecracker rang, and he also took off all the pillars in the bell.

The soldiers drove Xue Fengming to the headquarters. Xue Fengming suddenly felt something was wrong. He wanted to go to a tea stall on the roadside to drink tea under the excuse of being thirsty. The soldiers had to stop at Xiimazhai in front of him. Xue Fengming got off the car and had tea. Ke Shu Take the opportunity to puncture the tire to delay time. Rao Dujun ordered Ding Tianci and Yang Zhaoshan to be tied up. When he learned that Xue Fengming’s car had a puncture in Xiamazhai, he sent another car to pick up Xue Fengming. Yang Zhaoshan whipped the rope while cursing Rao Dujun. Just to draw his attention, Rao Dujun was furious. Fang Yuanji saw that Yang Zhaoshan’s rope had been frayed. He drew a spear and held him against him on the spot. Yang Zhaoshan helped Ding Tianci untie the rope, and the two swayed away from the headquarters.

Before leaving, Fang Yuanji asked Rao Dujun about Sanyepo Yiyangxing. When he asked, Fang Yuanji pushed him to the ground and slipped away. Qin Lanting lifted the punishment on Huagu and asked her to change into a decent dress to meet someone. Huagu had to change into a daughter’s outfit. Qin Lanting sent Zhong Yao into the water lily pond to drink tea. At the same time, He Yun put on the second level and placed seven bowls of wine on the long wooden board. Li Jue could only touch one bowl of wine, so he had to drink all the seven bowls of wine. Overturning the bowl cannot be repeated. Even if this pass failed, Li Jue lowered his head, tilted the wooden board slightly, and poured seven bowls of wine into his mouth in turn. He Yun and his fellow applause for Li Jue.

Qin Lanting was full of praise for Li Jue. Li Jue couldn’t help but watch when he saw Huagu changing into a women’s dress. He mocked the dressing of the men before Huagu, and made sarcasm at Heyun and others. In the end, he gave a lot of words, claiming that the North Qianshou In any case, Qin Lanting gently stroked his chest with his finger, and found out all the hidden weapons he had hidden. Li Jue was convinced, and Qin Lanting asked Huagu to take Li Jue around, and Li Jue only wanted to find Zhong Yao.

Heyun was very depressed when he saw his hometown and Huagu talking and laughing, so he came to the woods alone to worry, and suddenly a beautiful and flowery girl came to comfort him. Xishui brought Huaminchu to the dilapidated Fuxi Nuwa Temple. Huaminchu could not wait to find out where the people of Yi Yangxing were. Xishui had to explain that they were all underground. She pressed the mechanism and under the big stone slabs on the ground. Immediately opened the door of a secret room, Xishui led Hua Minchu into the secret tunnel. Inside was a huge labyrinth. The two younger sisters warmly welcomed Xishui’s return, and Xishui asked them to report to Master.

There are thirteen Yiyang masters in the maze, all of whom are daughters. Liu Qing, the former king of Yiyang, rushed to hear the news. Xishui introduced Hua Mingchu to Liu Qing and wanted him to help grow Yi Yangxing. Liu Qing Suddenly, he became angry and ordered Hua Minchu to be beaten to death. Xishui repeatedly said good things for Hua Minchu. Liu Qing claimed that Yu Zhi seduce his sister Liu Yan and gave birth to the evil obstacle of Hua Minchu.

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