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The Eight 外八行 Episode 10 Recap

Executive heard the name of wanted criminals early Republican China, immediately drew a warning, the Greek water trying to justify early Republican China, Xue Feng Ming righteous rhetoric requirements grab Huamin trial, forced early Republican China had to follow their litigation forum, There were also several people who pretended to be Xu Marie who were arrested. Xue Fengming asked the officer to notify the Hubei warlord to get the bounty.

At the beginning of the Hua Min Dynasty, he used his three-inch tongue to clarify his point. Self-acting bitter tricks, the South believes that the North kills people and the North and the South accuse each other. Which party gets the first opportunity at the beginning of the Chinese People’s Republic. If Xue Fengming took the money from the southern government, he would be convicted of murder by the northern government. Fengming received the money from the North, and in a disguised form, he identified the early Huamin as the gang leader in the South. This would be a conviction for the South’s self-directed and self-performed gang. If the chief turns him in, once the North-South peace talks, he will become a sinner forever. The officer was too hard for him to say, and he did not know what to do for a while, and promised to release them immediately.

This is the plan that Huaminchu and Xue Fengming have discussed in advance. They passed the customs smoothly. At the beginning of Huamin, Xishui and Ke Shu took the train back to Kunming. They thanked Xue Fengming and Xue Fengming prepared The medicinal wine, Xishui, was picked up and drunk. After confirming that the wine and the cup were non-toxic, Hua Minchu was allowed to drink it.

Ding Tianci and Rao Dujun, commanders of the Fifth Army of the Dian Army, and Yang Zhaoshan, the brigade commander, had a three-person target match. Yang Zhaoshan won with ten shots and 99 rings. Fang Yuanji was recruited as a soldier in the Fifth Army as soon as he arrived in Kunming. He actively invited Ying to challenge Yang Zhaoshan, and finally got ten shots and one hundred rings. The guns hit the bullseye. Yang Zhaoshan, Rao Dujun and Ding Tianci were full of praise for him. Rao Dujun promised to upgrade him to three consecutive levels, and Ding Tianci also came to grab Fang Yuanji. , Yang Zhaoshan knew Fang Yuanji’s details, and promised to do his best to help him fly. Fang Yuanji finally chose Ding Tianci.

King of Kings Wen Yan Qin Lanting and junior sister apprentice in tea, suddenly received swallows pass book and learned that Xue Feng Ming trouble, Wen Yan immediately ready to go to the rescue, leaving a cloud Qin Lanting apprentice crane and other Valley of Flowers back to her Prepare a new dress. Ke Shu discovered that the train was made in Germany and wanted to visit and study at the front of the train, but the captain disagreed. Xishui agreed to take him there. Suddenly, Xishui found a group of horse bandits coming galloping on horseback, and concluded that they came for wishful thinking. Ke Shu wanted to return to the carriage to inform that it was too late for Hua Min. The horse bandit caught up with the train and fired frantically at the carriage. Xiao Feng took the initiative to ask Ying to negotiate with the horse bandit with Ruyi to protect the safety of Xue Fengming and others.

Yang Zhaoshan and Ding Tianci heard that Xue Fengming was coming to Kunming. They just wanted to send troops to the station to greet them. They learned that Dujun Rao had already sent someone over in advance. They immediately came to Master Rao Dujunxing to question him, suspecting that he wanted to claim Xue Fengming as a crime As I have it, Rao Dujun made no secret of his selfishness, and repeatedly claimed that it was to protect the last training of General Xue Jian. Yang Zhaoshan and Ding Tianci insisted on taking over the safety of the station, fearing that they would be used by people with ulterior motives to steal the last training of General Xue Jian. Rao Dujun gritted his teeth with anger.

Rao Dujun suddenly received a call from the station and learned that someone had attacked the train in Panlong. Yang Zhaoshan and Ding Tianci immediately led people there. Xiao Feng took Ruyi to attract the horse bandit, Huagu chased him, two people hit the roof of the car from the carriage, Huagu was thrown out of the roof of the car because of her unsteadiness, thanks to the silk thread in her hand tightly tied to Xiao Feng’s feet. Huagu was hung on the side of the carriage, and one party came to rescue in time. Xiao Feng cut the thread, Huagu was about to rush down and fall. Hua Minchu hugged Huagu from the window and rescued her.

One party pressed on Xiao Feng step by step and snatched Ruyi from his hand. Xiao Feng stood unstable and was thrown off the carriage and rolled to the ground. Yang Zhaoshan led the artillery to squat on the only way, and found that the horse bandit was Xu Huo’s person. He gave an order and fired all the artillery to beat the horse bandit and fled. Yang Zhaoshan caught up with the train on horseback, and he went to the carriage. Greetings from Xue Fengming, one party returned Ruyi to Xue Fengming. Xue Fengming admitted that it was the legacy of his brother. Hua Minchu vowed to protect Xue Fengming and his legacy.

Yang Zhaoshan was worried that there would be branches out of the festival, so Xue Fengming got off the car here and personally escorted Xue Fengming to his home. At this moment, soldiers came to report to Yang Zhaoshan and Ding Tianci and Fang Yuanji were sent to the headquarters. At the beginning of Huamin, when he heard Fang Yuanji’s name, he promised to report Fang Yuanji’s situation to Yang Zhaoshan.

On the way, Xue Fengming remembered the legacy of his brother Xue Jian, in order to stabilize the southwest army so that the north would not take the opportunity to recover. Decided to publicize the legacy of the Three Flowers Meeting in March. Yang Zhaoshan felt that everyone was fighting for the legacy of the legacy at all costs. In fact, he was fighting for the commander’s seal. He controlled Xue Fengming and was in the southwest. The early Chinese learned that the legacy of the legacy had the effect of setting the sea god. He promised to take the brothers to protect Xue Fengming and his legacy.

With seven days to go until March 3, the Eight Immortals witnessed Hua Min Chu leaving with Yang Zhaoshan and lit Qixiang, wanting to see if there were any changes in the seven days. As soon as Huagu arrived in Kunming, they went home. The younger junior disciples happily talked and laughed around her. He Yun squeezed in and did not say a few words to Huagu. Huagu asked him to inform Master to protect the holder.

Yang Zhaoshan brought Xue Fengming, Xishui and Ke Shu to his residence at the beginning of the Huamin Dynasty, and immediately sent someone to find a military doctor to treat the injury at the beginning of the Huamin Dynasty. Dujun Rao sent someone to pick Xue Fengming to the commander’s house for a banquet, Ding Tianci had already gone to accompany him. Yang Zhaoshan resolutely refused. Huaminchu hurriedly stepped up to relieve the siege. He said that Xue Fengming had to take a rest during the trip. Yang Zhaoshan first reported to the commander’s office. Huaminchu gave him his saber. Self-defense.

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