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The Eight 外八行 Episode 1 Recap

In the arena, people of all kinds are called the Baxing. For thousands of years, Baxing has been abiding by the rules, and Baxing has also longed to return to the crowd by himself, but it is so easy to wash hands in the golden basin. In the early days of the Republic of China, the family and the country were in dire straits, and the eight lines claimed to be the leader of the record holders, and it had been vacant for twenty years. At this moment they need to lead them because of the new holders.

In the early years of the Republic of China, the Eight Immortals were sitting at the gate of Beijing Railway Station. He was telling the little beggars a story about the Eight Elements. The little beggars were asking him questions. The clock rang, and the Eight Immortals knew that those who had been waiting for twenty years were coming. For these people, there is a treasure called the scroll of the ten lines. The holder of the scroll symbolizes the only leader in each line. Only the holder can order the dissolution of the eight lines. This scroll is lost. It has been twenty years, and the Eight Immortals have been pondering this matter since twenty years ago. If they can be entrusted to a sour scholar, they may be relieved.

At the beginning of Hua Min, as the adopted son of the Zhong family, he returned from studying in Japan for three years. He specially brought a butterfly to his sister as a gift. In the noisy carriage, thinking that her classmates asked everyone to be quiet, Hua Minchu told her classmates that most of the carriages were civilians, and it was wrong for her to be noisy, but she was arrogant and unreasonable. The classmate immediately apologized.

Senior night in the car, it was found that valuables are gone, marshals who heard and found the main Buddhist goddess of the first acts Valley of Flowers already here waiting for them. The policeman took out the handcuffs and asked her to bring them on herself, but where they were Huagu’s opponents, Huagu defeated them within a few seconds.

At the beginning of the Hua Min Dynasty, Ke Shu looked at the knife he customized in Japan. The car police looked for Huagu in each car. Ke Shu was afraid that the butterfly would be taken away and hugged him tightly. The car police asked Ke Shu to take out the things in his arms. Otherwise, he would be regarded as an accomplice of Huagu, Ke Shu was very scared, Hua Minchu took the butterfly out of his arms. The flight attendant told the car police the adopted son of the clock family, and the car police did not ask much.

The police searched the last carriage, crew member told him that this is the king of the world courtesan business women gold embroidered mother , her charity, poor people regularly use the service, if she lay a finger on this little car could not make the trip. The captain entered the compartment to say hello. The captain explained the origin. Jin Xiuniang said that she was not worried about the thief, but it was absolutely impossible to search here. The police came to the carriage to search, Jin Xiuniang turned her head slightly, and the carefully deployed Feixu fan on the hairpin made the police dizzy, so he took the person and left.

Huagu came out from the inside, she handed the key to the full set of shackles to Jin Xiuniang, and Jin Xiuniang immediately went with Huagu to rescue the King of Black Veil. Jin Xiuniang opened the door of the organ and found that it was not the king’s party inside. At this time, the police came in and the real king’s party appeared and knocked them out. Wang Fang asked where Huagu E-Scroll was, and Huagu told him that he was in seat 15 of the lower waiting carriage.

Jin Xiuniang, Huagu, and Wang Yifang came to the lower compartment. According to Huagu’s position, Wang Yifang found the person. He pointed at the person with a dagger and asked where the Ten Xingzhe scrolls were. The person asked three questions. He was negotiating between North and South. By Liu Tang. Wang Yifang was about to start with Liu Tang. Huamin couldn’t stand it at the beginning and called on the students to protest together. Jin Xiuniang explained repeatedly, but they didn’t listen. Ke Shu stood up very nervously and shouted that there was a bomb. He pointed to Liu Tang’s seat. Wang Yifang asked Liu Tang to take out the things. Liu Tang said that it was not his thing. He took out the box and opened it. It was really explosive. The passengers were very afraid to run around. Now only Ke Shu can dismantle the explosives in the entire carriage. Hua At the beginning of the Republic of China, he stabilized everyone, and Ke Shu successfully disarmed the explosives. When the train passed through the tunnel, Liu Tang was killed, and the murder weapon was the sword of the early Hua Min Dynasty.

As soon as the train arrived at the station, Hua Minchu and his classmates immediately left. After the police arrived, they surrounded the entire train car. They wanted to catch the wanted criminal Wang Fang. The Eight Immortals brought the little beggars to the train station. They let the police smoke out. After the police fainted, Jin Xiu Niang, Wang Yifang and Huagu came out of the carriage. Miss Zhong Jia Zhong Yao came to the train station to pick up Hua Min Chu. As soon as they met, he was said to have a crush. When Hua Min saw this, he immediately took the butterfly to Zhong Yao, and Zhong Yao did not pursue it. Everything on the train was planned by Fang Yuanji, commander of the Gyeonggi Guard , and he and Zhang Yu, the lord of Xianliu, framed Liu Tang’s death on Hua Minchu and the others.

Jin Xiuniang returned to Qingyin Pavilion to arrange future affairs. Zhong Yao prepared a meal for Huaminchu, thinking about finding plans for Huaminchu’s future, and giving him a kind invitation to an uncle. Huaminchu wanted to do things on his own. He also counted the shortcomings of major companies one by one. The more he talked, the more angry he left the dinner. Zhong Yao caught up with him and said that their family could not do without these people. She gave a watch to Hua Min Chu.

At the beginning of Hua Min came to Qingyin Hall, Jin Xiu Niang wanted him to call a business girl to learn new plays and learn new ideas. Hua Min early did not want to entangle these people. Every time Jin Xiuniang goes to other halls, many people will come here, and Jin Xiuniang will select people to spend the night with her through layers of selection. This time Aixinjue Luo Qiming was the first to come to the annex. He met Hua Min Chu at the door, and Hua Min Chu found an excuse to leave.

At the beginning of Huamin, he went home and asked Zhong Yao about the outsiders. Zhong Yao didn’t know, so he kept away from the people in the arena. Uncle Huan told Huaminchu that someone sent a message to rehearse when Huaminchu applied for tomorrow. Zhong Yao asked where the message came from, and Huaminchu immediately stopped Uncle Huan. Ten Walker Emaki have not found, and gold embroidered mother that this chapter can not avoid feather, master Yang Yi Xi water also came here.

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