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Mr Honesty 不说谎恋人 Episode 14 Recap

Xu Yiren walked alone on the street, and came to a Chuanchuanxiang shop where he had eaten with Fang Zhiyou. The uneasy person knew and came here unknowingly. When the two met in the store, they were a little at a loss. After returning home, Fang Zhiyou asked Xu Yiren why she lied to Xia Di, and if she didn’t want to see herself. Xu Yiren said that he did not want to, but that he did not dare.

Xu Yiren told him how Li Zhe thought he was injured. Fang Zhiyou found out that she was lying again, and severely corrected her nonsense. Xu Yiren thought that he had lied to let Fang know that he was angry, and that he was jealous because he was angry. Only Fang Zhi knows that he cares too much about Xu Yiren.

He Yuwen found that Xu Yiren did not come to work very late, and wanted to call her. Fang Zhiyou told her to let Xu Yiren do more important things. He Yuwen learned that Xu Yiren and Sun Ziyang worked together to make a model, and believed that it was the designer’s job. She knew that some arrangements violated the company’s system. Fang Zhiyou claimed that he didn’t let her be promoted, but just gambled once. He Yuwen thought that Fang Zhiyou would never do unsure things before, and was even more jealous of Xu Yiren as the exception to Fang Zhiyou.

When Gu Bo made a low-level mistake in his work, Liu Tianyang flew into a rage and accused him of not being responsible. Gu Bo asked Liu Tianyang to show respect and not to engage in chronological discrimination, but Liu Tianyang was not convinced either. Fang Zhiyou accused Gu Bo not only of inadequate ability, but also fear of facing reality. Gu Bo immediately resigned from Fangyuan.

After the hand-made model was displayed in front of the customer, some design reports passed smoothly. Fang Zhiyou praised them for completing an almost impossible task, and prepared to invite everyone to a celebration banquet. Li Zhe learned that Xu Yiren helped Fang Zhiyou make a hand-made model, chose the right time to invite Xu Yiren to eat, and said that he wanted to talk to her about something that he knew, Xu Yiren had to go. Xu Yiren ran into Fang Zhiyou while eating, and Fang Zhiyou asked why she didn’t go to the celebration party. Xu Yiren explained that he had finished the chat and went right now. Fang knows that there is, but indifferently refused, saying that there is not one more celebration party. Xu Yiren refused to participate in anger.

Gu Bo was frustrated in the workplace and asked Shatty to complain, saying that Liu Tianyang didn’t consider other people’s feelings. Charlotte sincerely apologized after asking him to do something wrong, because the superiors didn’t have to worry about his feelings. Shatty taught Gu Bo to think clearly why he wanted to enter Fangyuan in the first place. If he couldn’t bear even a little setback, he should not talk about ideals anymore. After Xu Yiren returned home, she told Fang Zhi that she had the reason for going to the banquet. She said that she didn’t know that Li Zhe was lying to herself.

Fang Zhi has asked Xu Yiren to stay away from Li Zhe, because he once said to take away his most precious things and began to pursue Xu Yiren. Xu Yiren was a little stunned when he heard that, she didn’t know why he said that. Fang knew that there was no idea what to do, so I was afraid that Xu Yiren would be harmed because of him.

Gu Bo left his design notes in the trash can before leaving. Xu Yiren picked it up and gave it to Fang Zhiyou, saying that Gu Bo really loved this job. He took Fang Zhiyou as an example and worked silently where he could not see it. Xu Yiren hopes that Fang Zhiyou can give Gu Bo some praise, because a word from an idol may change his life.

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