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Mr Honesty 不说谎恋人 Episode 13 Recap

Xu Yiren discovered that Fang Zhi was alone on the balcony and asked why he was here. Fang Zhiyou said that this is the only place where you can stop doing it temporarily. Xu Yiren thinks that he knows bad words. If it is his father’s fault, he should explain clearly to Li Zhe. Fang Zhiyou said that the facts of Li Zhe’s tragedy could not be changed in any way, and he did not want to explain more. Xu Yiren firmly believed that he knew that there was someone like Li Zhe thought. She said that she would stand firmly by his side.

Liu Tianyang assigned tasks to the designers, and Gu Bo offered to take charge of a project. Liu Tianyang believes that interns should do their jobs well, and they cannot take on important tasks yet. Xu Yiren said that he had something to tell him that he would ask for leave and would not participate in overtime work, and that he would spend his time quietly reading books on architectural models. By the end of the night, Xu Yiren and Sun Ziyang quietly made models in the office while everyone was away.

Those who stayed to work overtime knew that they had seen the two of them and misunderstood the relationship between them. Xu Yiren said frankly that the two wanted to use manual models instead of modeling, but this plan was known to be rejected at the meeting, so they wanted to try it low-key. Fang Zhiyou looked at their semi-finished products, praised some of the natural scenery that they did well, and gave some guidance. In the process of improvement, Xu Yiren’s hands were accidentally stuck with glue.

Xu Yiren couldn’t open the seat belt when she knew that she was sending herself home. She wanted to do it later. Fang Zhiyou was different from the first time, he personally helped her fasten her seat belt. Xu Yiren said that he likes modeling, but he has not studied professionally. Fang Zhiyou asked her and Sun Ziyang to try the hand-made model after hearing this, and told her not to care about the result, because at least the process of trying was happy. After returning home, I knew that I used laundry detergent to help Xu Yiren get out the stuck model, and explained a bunch of principles, telling her that the active ingredients of the laundry detergent would react with the glue. Shiyu accused her brother of not knowing style.

Gu Bo saw that everyone in the company was busy with their projects and felt nothing to do. He complained to Fang Zhi, and said that he would only add to the chaos, and he let him enter Fangyuan only because his father is a shareholder. Xu Yiren is busy doing modeling and does not want to learn to drive. She told the driving school coach that her hand was injured. Xu Yiren didn’t know that it was Li Zhe who asked the coach to inquire about her current situation.

Li Zhe sent a picture of flowers to the company and wrote on it wishing Xu Yiren a speedy recovery. He Yuwen asked her not to be busy in love after seeing her. Xu Yiren quickly denied and claimed that she had only met Li Zhe by chance in three months. He Yuwen asked if she knew that Fang Zhiyou had a relationship with Li Zhe, and Xu Yiren admitted that Fang Zhiyou had told herself. He Yuwen felt jealous when she thought that Fang Zhiyou had said that there was no need to tell herself the past.

Li Zhe personally came to see Xu Yiren, knowing he was very angry, and pulled Xu Yiren back to the company. Xu Yiren thought that he didn’t need to explain to Fang Zhi, who he met and who received the flowers had nothing to do with him. Fang Zhiyou frankly said that he was jealous. As soon as the words were spoken, he found that he had failed to speak and left at a loss.

Fang Zhi returned to the company uneasy and wanted to use his work to paralyze himself, but he was always thinking about it. The same is true for Xu Yiren. He left the company as soon as the off-duty time came. She told Fang Zhiyou that she was going to Shady’s house to eat at night, and let him and Shiyu solve it by themselves. But at this time Shatty was with Gu Bo, and Xu Yiren didn’t want to be an electric light bulb, so she had to walk alone on the street.

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