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Well Dominated Love 奈何boss又如何 Episode 19 Recap

Tong Xin and Han Ziyu had dinner together. Han Ziyu noticed that Tong Xin was a little different, but the straight guy’s communication seemed a bit troublesome. When she was about to wipe off the lipstick, Han Ziyu asked her not to wipe off the lipstick. , And also peeled the shrimp shells for her personally. Tong Xin went to the bathroom and offered the cake she made herself.

She just wanted to tell Han Ziyu that today is her birthday, but was interrupted by a call from Doctor Bai. Han Ziyu and Tong Xin had to drive to Doctor Bai and said Tong Xin looked at the scene of Han Ziyu supporting Doctor Bai, feeling very disappointed. Tong Xin, who was left alone, opened the cake she made herself by the bridge, and her tears couldn’t help but slide down.

Because of Nie Xingchen’s going on a blind date, Yan Jing’s heart was ups and downs, and he couldn’t sleep tossing and turning. Regardless of 2:30 in the morning, he patted Zhao Yuanfang’s door, leaving Zhao Yuanfang alone in charge of the next negotiations, and he planned to destroy Nie Xingchen’s blind date. Yan Jing interrupted Nie Xingchen’s blind date. It was obvious that what Yan Jing was eating was Nie Xingchen’s jealousy. The two went to the restaurant where they proposed to have a meal. Nie Xingchen took the initiative to initiate a chat offensive, saying that Yan Jing had proposed to herself at this restaurant five years ago.

He also told Yan Jing that he used to tell the story of the stars to himself. Today, he changed to tell the story of the stars, Yan Jing After listening to her story, I felt a little ups and downs. Nie Xingchen told him that he had considered it clearly, no matter whether he could remember himself in the future, he wanted to accompany him and the two would go down together. After the two expressed their hearts, they hugged each other again.

Nie Xingchen returned to the office and found that Tong Xin had taken sick leave. After learning that he was inexplicably worried, he sent text messages to care about Tong Xin. Nie Xingchen took the plan to Yan Jing’s office, and the two had another office romance. Zhen Nian invited Zhao Yuanfang to eat skewers. Zhao Yuanfang told Zhen Nian that he often ate skewers when he was just starting a business, but that all he could eat were vegetables. After Zhen Nian heard it, she immediately said that she would make him full today. The two of them ate skewers and chatted about trivial matters very happily.

Nie Xingchen took pictures of He Yan Jing’s bit by bit, intending to keep it as a record of future memories, so that if Yan Jing lost his memory again, he could show him himself. After the meal, the two watched a movie on the sofa. Yan Jing wanted to get closer to Nie Xingchen, but Nie Xingchen refused. Maybe Nie Xingchen was afraid to trigger Yan Jing’s amnesia again. After Nie Xingchen left, Yan Jing also planned to write down the bits and pieces of herself and Nie Xingchen in a diary, so that he would have proof in the future.

After Zhen Nian and Zhao Yuanfang ate from Chuan Chuan store, Zhen Nian ran into her fans. Fortunately, Zhao Yuanfang took care of her and ran away quickly when she was wearing high heels. With sore feet, Zhao Yuanfang took off his shoes for Zhen Nian to wear without saying a word. This made Zhen Nian very surprised and moved. When Yan Jing went to bed, he remembered that strange and terrible dream again, and he bounced off the bed with fright.

Nie Xingchen and Yan Jing went to the airport to pick up the plane together, and Ms. Ye saw Nie Xingchen again. In the living room, Ms. Ye expressed gratitude to Nie Xingchen and said that it was her thanks to her that Yan Jing became a person who knows how to love. Nie Xingchen asked Ms. Ye if anything special happened when Yan Jing was a child.

Ms. Ye recalled for a while, remembering that she had done some silly things for Yan Jing’s father. When Yan Jing was eight years old, she and herself Yan Jing’s father had a serious quarrel. That year, he cut his wrist and committed suicide. After being discharged from the hospital, he divorced Yan Jing’s father. I never thought that this incident would have such an important impact on Yan Jing. Nie Xingchen wondered if this matter might be related to Yan Jing’s condition.

Yan Jing received psychological counseling treatment and said that he would see a woman’s bloody wrist and so on. Nie Xingchen and Ms. Ye waited anxiously in the hospital. The psychiatrist told him that it seems that the amnesia is related to this past event, and Yan Jing is also willing to cooperate with the follow-up treatment. Ms. Ye sincerely apologized to Yan Jing.

Yan Jing also sincerely accepted Ms. Ye’s apology. Ms. Ye told Yan Jing that she regretted not growing up with him. She fulfilled her dream but forgot her freedom. It was all in exchange for Yan Jing’s pain. The mother and son pushed their hearts together, and Nie Xingchen took a picture of the two being in love.

Nie Xingchen was afraid that Yan Jing was too hard and planned to help him take on more work, while Yan Jing took more time to cooperate with psychotherapy. Yan Jing even joked that if Nie Xingchen was on a wedding leave in the later period, he could approve it, and the two came to the office to kiss deeply on the sofa. Nie Xingchen escorted Aunt Ye away, but on the way back when he drove back, he suddenly became confused and the steering wheel was not steady.

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