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Well Dominated Love 奈何boss又如何 Episode 18 Recap

Zhao Yuanfang accompanied Zhen Nian to the Public Security Bureau. Zhao Yuanfang asked Zhen Nian to invite herself to a meal as a thank you. However, Zhen Nian was a little unwilling. Let Zhao Yuanfang wait first. Nie Xingchen and Yan Jingwei woke up in the morning and met at the elevator entrance. Nie Xingchen received an emergency call from Director Huang Tao in Yan Jing’s car. It turned out that there was a fire on the construction site in the tourist area.

Yan Jing who learned the information immediately stepped on foot. Ma Li rushed to the scene, but Yan Jing suddenly remembered some very bad pictures when he saw the images of workers bleeding. Nie Xingchen noticed his strangeness and immediately cared about him, but he was hit by a brick accidentally dropped on the construction site. Fainted and admitted to the hospital.

Looking at Nie Xingchen, who was sleeping on the hospital bed, Yan Jing thought of everything that had happened between each other. He held Nie Xingchen’s hand tightly, expecting her to wake up sooner. Nie Xingchen couldn’t remember Yan Jing because of a slight concussion, which made Yan Jing finally realize the feeling of being forgotten.

Han Ziyu tells Yan Jing that he may have lost his memory because of his passion, which means that he will forget the woman he loves time and time again. Knowing the situation, Yan Jing felt a little bit distressed. He asked Han Ziyu to follow up and tell him about the new progress of his condition. After returning to the ward, Yan Jing once again remembered what Nie Xingchen had about him. He felt right inexplicably. Nie Xingchen was so guilty that he decisively left after he kissed her forehead.

After Nie Xingchen woke up, he asked Han Zi where Yuyan Jing went? Han Ziyu told Nie Xingchen that Yan Jing sent him yesterday and left. Nie Xingchen was inexplicably lost when he heard the news, and felt that Yan Jing could not treat himself like this, because he could clearly feel his worry about him that day. Tong Xin and Huang Tao came to the hospital to visit Nie Xingchen with flowers and fruits. Nie Xingchen found out Yan Jing’s attitude towards him from them, and wondered if Yan Jing was evading himself. Tong Xin came to Han Ziyu’s outpatient clinic and found that Dr. Bai was also there, so he immediately found an excuse for Han Ziyu to accompany herself and Han’s mother for dinner.

Because Secretary Nie was injured, Yan Jing seemed a little absent, and asked Huang Tao about Nie Xingchen’s condition. Suddenly, Yan Jing received news of Nie Xingchen’s disappearance and rushed to the hospital. Nie Xingchen appeared in front of him when he was about to check all the surveillance in the hospital. Yan Jing immediately understood that this was the story of the wolf coming by Nie Xingchen. Because of her illness, Yan Jing dare not approach Nie Xingchen to hurt her again, and Nie Xingchen also learned that Yan Jing has been avoiding herself because of love amnesia.

Han Ziyu asked Yan Jing if Nie Xingchen knew the truth and was willing to be with him, how would he choose? Yan Jing told Han Ziyu that he didn’t want to consume Nie Xingchen’s life. If he gave up her, Nie Xingchen would still have a chance to find his own happiness. Tong Xin came to the hospital to see Nie Xingchen, and was very happy when he ran into Han Ziyu who came for the rounds.

Nie Xingchen learned about Tong Xin’s affairs, and asked Tong Xin to confess his confession boldly, so that he could confess his wishes more directly. Yan Jing looked at the picture of herself and Nie Xingchen in her purse with a smile on her face. It was obvious that Yan Jing was very reluctant to bear Nie Xingchen. Nie Xingchen was also inevitable in the ward, and the two people happened too much bit by bit.

Nie Xingchen came to the corridor unconsciously, and unexpectedly found a crying patient in the corridor, so he sat beside her and cared about her. It turned out that this patient had stomach cancer, and she and her boyfriend had planned to go to Germany to study for a Ph.D. They were worried about dragging down their boyfriend. Nie Xingchen told the patient that if he were himself, as long as he was still alive, he would not give up easily.

Nie Xingchen returned to the president’s office and learned that Yan Jing and Zhao Yuanfang were on a business trip together. It happened to be Tong Xin’s birthday today. The person at the president’s office prepared a surprise gift for her, but because Tong Xin planned to celebrate her birthday with Han Ziyu, Had to change the appointment of the president.

Nie Xingchen came to Yan Jing’s office. She didn’t know how long Yan Jing would hide from herself. It happened that her mother called to arrange a blind date. Nie Xingchen planned to use the blind date arranged by her mother to inspire Xia Yan Jing’s jealousy. Yan Jing and Zhao Yuanfang had dinner together. Nie Xingchen sought Zhao Yuanfang’s help. After learning that Zhao Yuanfang deliberately got through Nie Xingchen’s video call in front of Yan Jing, the two sang and talked about blind dates. This angered Yan Jing and left immediately.

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