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Well Dominated Love 奈何boss又如何 Episode 16 Recap

The people in the president’s office unanimously assured that Nie Xingchen was not a commercial spy. Jin Beina told them that doing this was just a routine matter. Nie Xingchen frankly accepted the investigation. Afterwards, thinking about everything that happened beforehand, he wondered what happened . However, as soon as the investigation was over, Yan Jing found her and inferred from the policy logic that she approached herself to steal trade secrets. In order to prove his innocence, Nie Xingchen issued a military order, stating that he would let President Liao and Earl reach a cooperation within five days.

Nie Xingchen came to Mr. Liao’s office building and waited for a long time, but he never waited for a chance to meet him. Nie Xingchen secretly competed, saying that no one could let himself lose unless he didn’t want to win, and continued to defend the opportunity, and ended up sleeping in the lobby. Jin Beina told Yan Jing that after the analysis of the technical department, Nie Xingchen’s computer did have a record of sending out plans. Jin Beina suggested that Yan Jing meet with President Zhang to solve the financial difficulties and ask you, but Yan Jing told him that he had already received A sum of money was arranged from abroad.

Yan Jing returned to the residence and rang the doorbell of Nie Xingchen’s house, but he still didn’t get a response. Nie Xingchen had prepared enough homework to meet Mr. Liao, and as soon as he returned, he began to search for various information, and finally planned to come to the high-end residential area where Mr. Liao lived to try his luck. Unexpectedly, as soon as he arrived in the community, he was stopped by the security guard, and in desperation, Nie Xingchen had to wander the residential area. Yan Jing was a little bit lost because she didn’t receive the breakfast from Cocoa next door. She always felt that she was hiding from herself. When Nie Xingchen was drinking water, a woman rushed over to grab her water and told her her previous home address.

Nie Xingchen accompanied her, and finally learned that this woman was actually Mr. Liao’s lover Yunhua, she really had nowhere to look for it, and it took all the time. Mr. Liao thanked Nie Xingchen for taking care of his wife and told her that his wife Yunhua had Alzheimer’s disease. Nie Xingchen was deeply moved when he heard about the love story between the two, and he bluntly told Mr. Liao that it was because the business plan was leaked that Yan Jing did not elaborate.

After leaving Mr. Liao’s residence, Nie Xingchen suddenly came up with an idea to go to their old house to see what happened. Yan Jing learned that Nie Xingchen did not come to work at the company, so he called Nie Xingchen. Only then did she learn that she went to the old house before Mr. Liao alone. At the same time, to prove that she did not escape from fear of crime, she shared herself with Yan Jing. position. When he got off work, Yan Jing watched the heavy rain, called Nie Xingchen and no one answered him, and drove to Mr. Liao’s old residence.

Nie Xingchen was a little surprised when he saw Yan Jingjing. The two sat in the small room chatting. Yan Jing asked if Nie Xingchen had taken pictures of each other. Nie Xingchen told him truthfully, and took two out of Yan Jing’s wallet. People’s intimate group photo, Yan Jingyi saw the photo’s inner apology. In the early morning of the next day, Yan Jing arranged for the driver to come and pick him up. Nie Xingchen proposed to position the old house as a place to check in for love. Yan Jing asked her to follow up when she heard it was very good.

In this way, Nie Xingchen was busy in the old house for several days. Yan Jing blocked the cooperation signing ceremony between Mr. Liao and Mr. Liu and persuaded Mr. Liao to go to the old house with him to see what happened. Mr. Liao interrupted the contract when he heard about the old house. At the scene, Nie Xingchen supported Mr. Liao’s wife Yunhua and appeared in front of Mr. Liao. Mr. Liao was deeply moved, and the two sides happily reached a consensus on cooperation. The President’s Office was very happy because of this perfect ending, and congratulated Nie Xingchen.

Yan Jing apologized to Nie Xingchen, but expressed that he had to think about whether Nie Xingchen wanted to become his girlfriend. It turned out that he regarded Coco as his favorite person in his heart. Yan Jing found that the opposite sex had arrived in Coco’s room, and immediately asked the property to help him find out. The property truthfully told Yan Jing the scene he saw and was jealous when he learned that Coco had a barbecue with the opposite sex.

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