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Mr Honesty 不说谎恋人 Episode 12 Recap

Xu Yiren found that Sun Ziyang was reading a modeling book and asked him if there is any alternative to 3D modeling. Sun Ziyang is a little hesitant. He usually makes some manual models. He thinks that manual models can be used instead of 3D modeling, but it takes a lot of time and energy, and he doesn’t know whether this solution is feasible. Xu Yiren thought he could give it a try and offered to do it with him.

Xu Yiren’s landlord wanted to sell the house and gave Xu Yiren the rent and compensation, insisting on letting her move out. Xu Yiren wanted to live in Shatty’s house temporarily, but found that the circuit in Gu Bo’s house was broken, and she had moved to Shaty’s house temporarily. Xu Yiren can only find another place to live.

Shi Yu found out that Xu Yiren was looking for a house, and quietly told her brother. Fang Zhiyou apologized for her bad attitude towards Xu Yiren yesterday and asked what problem she encountered. Fang Zhiyou secretly made up his mind that if Xu Yiren tells her about not finding the house, he will help her solve the problem. But Xu Yiren didn’t want to bother him, saying that there was nothing wrong with him. Shi Yu saw that the two of them did not take the initiative, so she went out in person, saying that she was living at his brother’s house recently, but his brother could not take care of himself at all, and asked Xu Yiren to help him cook some food.

Fang Zhiyou took Xu Yiren home. Shi Yu took her to her brother’s room and asked her what she was not satisfied with, because it was also her room in the future. Xu Yiren didn’t expect Shi Yu to think of these things at a young age. At night, Xu Yiren thought that he was next door and couldn’t sleep. Fang Zhiye found her drinking water in the living room and asked her if she was not used to it.

Xu Yiren said that he was scared awake after only having a nightmare. Fang Zhiyi gave Xu Yiren a plush toy, saying that it was given to him by his mother. His mother told him that this toy was a knight who could guard the dream, and it would surely keep Xu Yiren away from nightmares.

Xu Yiren prepared a hearty breakfast just after five. Fang Zhi is worried about her hard work, so let her prepare something simple in the future. Xu Yiren was planning to go out to find a house on the weekend, and after knowing that, she told her not to move out in a hurry. Xu Yiren came to the company in Fang Zhiyou’s car. She was worried about being talked about and wanted to walk around by herself to let Fang know that there were advanced companies.

Fang Zhiyou wants to go for a walk with her. Fang Zhi found that Xu Yiren was taking pictures of herself secretly, and went to grab her mobile phone and asked her to delete the photos. In the fight, the Chinese knew that they had taken the opportunity to kiss Xu Yiren’s forehead. Xu Yiren felt a little embarrassed and immediately changed the subject and asked if he could use a manual model instead of modeling. Fang Zhiyou said that this project embodies the overall architectural style, and it is difficult to achieve the goal if a model is used.

Chen Qiming told He Yuwen that Li Zhe and Fang Zhiyou were good friends in the past. In the third year of junior high, Li Zhe’s home changed. His father was accused of illegal private equity funds and sentenced to five years. As a result, the parents committed suicide together, and the father was rescued back. The two turned against each other and it seemed to be related to this incident.

Chen Qiming thinks that he knows that he can betray He Yuwen’s father, and he may also betray his friends. He Yuwen then asked Fang Zhiyou why she didn’t tell herself Li Zhe. Fang Zhiyou said this was his own private matter and he had no obligation to tell anyone. He Yuwen was very disappointed when she saw that she knew that there was only a working relationship between the two.

Li Zhe said that he would tell Xu Yiren why he hated him so much, so he asked Xu Yiren to eat together. It turns out that Li Zhe’s father was caught in an economic dispute because he was framed. He knew that some of his fathers were lawyers. He promised to help Li Zhe’s father in a lawsuit. Li Zhe handed all the evidence of his father’s case to Fang Zhiyou and asked him to hand it to his father.

But on the day of the trial, Li Zhe discovered that Fang Zhi’s father was actually on the opposite side, and Li Zhe’s father was sentenced for this. Xu Yiren then asked Fang Zhi if what Li Zhe said was true, and Fang knew that there was no denying it. Xu Yiren asked Shiyu about the situation back then. Shiyu said that his brother would not talk to his father at the beginning of his memories, and he always blamed his father in his heart.

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