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Mr Honesty 不说谎恋人 Episode 11 Recap

The hotel is carrying out an activity for couples to order discounts. As long as couples take an intimate photo together, they can enjoy a 50% discount. Xu Yiren persuaded Xia Di and Gu Bo to take a photo. He Yuwen was hospitalized because of socializing with Dasheng Company. Knowing that she had taken care of her, Xu Yiren was a bit wrong looking at their intimate appearance. As soon as Li Zhe took over Dasheng Company, he unilaterally terminated the contract with Fang Zhiyou, and also expressed his willingness to bear breach of contract costs. Li Zhe said that he wanted to let Fangzhi feel the taste of being betrayed at the last moment.

Xu Yiren advised He Yuwen to go to the hospital. He Yuwen didn’t want others to know her physical condition, so she still worked as a ninja. Xu Yiren said that he had a friend who didn’t take the stomachache to his heart, but when he was sent to the hospital, he found a perforation in his stomach and cut half of his stomach. Xu Yiren and Sarah brought He Yuwen to the hospital. Fortunately, they burned their stomachs because of drinking too much, so they can recover after a good rest. He Yuwen reminds Xu Yiren not to deal with her by the way of dealing with others.

She has long known that Xu Yiren made up friends’ stories to scare her and let Xu Yiren do her duty. He Yuwen asked if Xu Yiren was with Fang Zhi last night, and Xu Yiren recounted yesterday’s experience. He Yuwen didn’t want to hear the details of the two of them together, and asked Xu Yiren to go out first. Xu Yiren told Fang Zhiyou about He Yuwen’s hospitalization. Fang Zhiyou came to visit her with flowers and took good care of her. Xu Yiren looked at their intimate appearance and had some mistakes.

Li Zhe learned that the elementary school teacher of the little girl he met by chance has retired and is now traveling in Thailand. He wants to go to Thailand to find her and find out the whereabouts of the little girl. Li Zhe ordered his subordinates to notify him immediately after the teacher returned. Gu Bo paid his salary and took Shati and Xu Yi to a big meal to celebrate.

The restaurant manager recognized Gu Bo and presented them with expensive dishes. Gu Bo deliberately concealed his family background so that the manager would not reveal his identity. The manager said that the hotel is offering a discount for couples’ ordering. As long as a couple takes an intimate photo together, they can enjoy a 50% discount. With Xu Yiren’s suggestion, Shatty and Gu Bo took a photo that was more than heart-warming.

Xu Yiren asked Gu Bofang and He if it was possible to be together. Gu Bo concluded that Mr. He was just unrequited love, because if she knew that you really liked her, it would be impossible for the two of them not to be together now. Let Xu Yiren not worry. Xu Yiren still stubbornly said that she knew whether the other party had feelings, and Gu Bo told her not to deceive herself.

The meeting time agreed by Fangyuan and Dasheng has arrived, but the Dasheng party has been delayed. Soon there was news from the Great Sage that he would unilaterally terminate the contract and was willing to bear the costs of breach of contract. It turned out that President Qi has resigned, and now Dasheng Company is handled by Li Zhe.

Li Zhe appeared in front of Fang Zhiyou, saying that he wanted to let Fang Zhiyou feel the taste of being betrayed at the last moment. There is no time to find a new modeling company, and everyone in the company is very angry. Fang Zhiyou knows that the matter is a foregone conclusion, Dasheng will not cooperate by himself anyway, and Li Zhe has already greeted other companies and tried his best to prevent him from getting this project.

He Yuwen asked Chen Qiming if he knew that the Great Sage’s President Qi would be transferred, and even suspected that his father had sent him to involve him. Chen Qiming didn’t expect He Yuwen to think about herself this way, and felt very aggrieved. He Yuwen calmed down and realized that she had wronged Chen Qiming, and asked him to help investigate Li Zhe.

At the meeting the next day, I knew that there was a proposal to make a design concept drawing to present the main design style of the design in the way of watercolor painting. In the first presentation, the main style concept was not the details and functions. Everyone thinks this plan is not feasible, because no one has ever done it. But Fang Zhiyou insisted on showing the highlights first, and then slowly finding someone to model.

Xu Yiren took the initiative to invite Li Zhe to dinner and asked him why he wanted to break the contract. Li Zhe just made it clear that he deserved everything he did. He didn’t want Xu Yiren to come to him because of the company’s affairs and walk away without explaining to her. Then Li Zhe told Fang Zhiyou not to ask Xu Yiren to intercede for him in the future, and accused him of inability. Fang Zhiyou learned that Xu Yiren met with Li Zhe on her own initiative and warned her not to contact Li Zhe in the future.

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