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Love Me Don’t Think Too Much 爱我就别想太多 Episode 9 Recap

Yang Liya took a 300,000 card and wanted to make a complete cut with Zhao Wenbo, but Zhao Wenbo did not accept it. Zhao Libo believes that Yang Liya’s repayment of money is worried that she wants her to repay the money. Zhao Libo then said that he would not ask for money, but he would never give up on the road.

In the blind date program, Shen Wenwen found Bu Guoqiang and said that he was the only one in his heart, but Bu Guoqiang did not care, and then went to chat with other girls. Xiong Wei found the program group, hoping to get more contact information of Shen Wenwen, but Shen Wenwen refused decisively, saying that she would not be on the show anymore, and said that she was only interested in Bu Guoqiang.

Yang Liya found that Zhao Wenbo was blocking herself downstairs, so she pretended to be drunk and found Mo Heng. When Mo Heng arrived, Yang Liya forced him to carry himself upstairs. Zhao Libo saw the two people being intimate. Although helpless, they could only hover downstairs. Seeing that Zhao Libo downstairs refused to leave, Yang Liya forced Mo Heng to stay tonight.

In order to let Mo Heng leave, Zhao Libo called Li Honghai and transferred Mo Heng through the mouth of Li Honghai. Mo Heng received a call from Li Honghai, and Yang Liya saw Li Honghai’s call decisively grabbed the past and said that Mo Heng was asleep. Zhao Libo’s plan failed, so Mo Heng spent the night at Yang Liya’s house.

Yang Liya received a six thousand screenshot of Mo Heng’s fine early in the morning. Yang Liya was angry but could not help but could continue to follow the contract. Yang Liya complained to Xia Keke that Zhao Libo had been entangled with herself, and when talking about Mo Heng, Yang Liya was even more troubled by the agreement.

The sponsor saw the least promising Li Honghai and Xia Keco successfully holding hands, so they named the award for the trip to Thailand to the two. Liu Xiaolan suddenly ran to Xia Coco Company, and it turned out that Wen Xiao pushed all the things with Sister Wu to Xia Coco in order to protect herself.

Xia Keke was troubled by Wen Hao, so he called Li Honghai out to drink with her. Xia Keke told Li Honghai about Wen Hao, and said that cheating is a man’s specialty. Li Honghai listened and expressed disagreement, saying that she had not met a good man. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Li Honghai told Xia Coco about the travel opportunities given by the show crew, allowing her to experience the good men in reality.

Li Honghai was very caring about travel and decided to find an opportunity to tell Xia Keke his true identity. Pei Hong still believes that Li Honghai is a rich man, so Xia Keke can seize the opportunity to cultivate his feelings.

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