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Love Me Don’t Think Too Much 爱我就别想太多 Episode 8 Recap

Li Honghai and Xia Keke accompanied Xiaoxiao to participate in the parent-child activities on campus, and finally won the first place, but Li Honghai had problems because of participating in the activities. Li Honghai’s examination in the hospital revealed that the lumbar disc was protruding. Xia Keke was worried about the greeting and asked Li Honghai to eat. Pei Hong still thinks that Li Honghai is a rich man, but Xia Keke still found nothing from his recent contacts.

Xue Ying firmly believes that Xia Coco has ulterior motives for Li Honghai, even if Bi Yao investigates that Xia Coco is not such a person. Zhao Wenbo still haunts Yang Liya and waits for her downstairs in Yang Liya’s company. In order to get rid of Zhao Wenbo, Yang Liya called Mo Heng and hoped that he would come to pick him up at night. Mo Heng didn’t want to delay his work. It can be seen that Yang Liya said that she had a fever and went directly to see her Yang Liya.

Seeing Mo Heng coming, Yang Liya confronted Zhao Wenbo in the distance, broke Mo Heng’s arm in violation of the agreement, and suddenly kissed Mo Heng. Mo Heng was shocked to Yang Liya suddenly, and said that he would be fined 2,000 for breaking the agreement. Yang Liya blamed Mo Heng for greed and money. Yang Liya went home dumb, but she just received Mo Heng’s fine certificate after sitting down. Liya couldn’t help complaining that Mo Heng was mentally ill.

Yang Liya’s partner asked to add a social function to Lu Ping. Yang Liya finally compromised, but emphasized that you must maintain your original intention. When Zhao Wenbo went to meet Li Honghai, he happened to meet Mo Heng, so when he left, Mo Heng sent him. Seeing that Mo Heng didn’t seem to know himself, Zhao Wenbo said that he would introduce him to him, when Yang Liya suddenly called. Zhao Wenbo listened to Mo Heng and Yang Liya mentioning Lu Ping, then chatted with Mo Heng and said that he would provide Yang Liya with tourism resources and wanted to invite Mo Heng and Yang Liya to dinner.

Mo Heng thought that Zhao Wenbo was well-intentioned, and took him to see Yang Liya. When Yang Liya saw Zhao Wenbo coming, she was in a worse mood. Zhao Wenbo took the initiative to chat about the road and wanted to invest in the party, but Yang Liya directly refused. At this time, Mo Heng was called out to park, Zhao Wenbo said that Yang Liya and Mo Heng were not suitable, but Yang Liya did not want to bother him. Mo Heng sent Yang Liya home, saying that Zhao Wenbo is not bad, but Yang Liya is not good to explain Zhao Wenbo’s true person.

Bu Guoqiang went home again and asked Shen Wenwen to accompany her on the show, and only three shows on the show, not entangled with the opposite sex, but they must report to each other on time. Bu Guoqiang once again participated in the blind date program, but still kept hitting the wall, while Shen Wenwen was always accosted. Xiong Wei fell in love with Shen Wenwen at first sight, hoping to chat with Shen Wenwen, but Shen Wenwen refused decisively.

Xue Ying came to Li Honghai’s office and said that he would call Xia Keke in front of Li Honghai. Li Honghai quickly stopped it. Li Honghai was a little helpless to Xue Ying, and it was clear that the two had broken up but they still had to point fingers at themselves. Xue Ying stated that Xia Keke was a gold worshiper, but Li Honghai did not believe that Xue Ying threatened to tell Xia Keke the true identity of Li Honghai.

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