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Love Me Don’t Think Too Much 爱我就别想太多 Episode 7 Recap

Yang Liya signs love agreement Li Honghai Panxia Baozipu

Mo Heng finally helped Li Honghai put down a bun shop, and Li Honghai hurriedly took Xia Keke to his shop. But as soon as the two arrived at the store, someone at the construction site urged the boss to deliver the buns. In order to ease the construction site boss, Li Honghai rushed to deliver the buns. Xia Keke finally followed Li Honghai to deliver the buns. Xia Keke went home and told Pei Hong about going to the Li Honghai store today, but Pei Hong was still thinking about Li Honghai’s true identity.

Li Honghai took over the bun shop under the plate, but found that there are many deficiencies in the bun shop, so he decided to carry out rectification. Li Honghai’s company is on the market, but Li Honghai wants to grab both hands, and he wants to do the last thing in Baozipu, so he has moved to Baozipu to organize the information. Zhao Wenbo came to Yang Liya again and asked him why he refused his investment. Yang Liya said that it was his business. Even if it went bankrupt, it didn’t matter to Zhao Wenbo.

Yang Liya found Mo Heng again and expressed a good impression of Mo Heng, so she decided to sign a one-month love agreement first. Yang Liya hopes that Mo Heng can take over from get off work every day. Mo Heng said that each of them has their own work. Yang Liya said that they would meet at least three times a week, otherwise the love agreement would become waste paper.

Mo Heng hopes that Yang Liya can take out 30,000 people and hit the same card as him. Later, whoever breaks the contract will be deducted for punishment. Yang Liya finally agrees. Xia Keke received Xiao Xiao from school. Xiao Xiao said he wanted to eat steamed buns. Xia Keke took Xiao Xiao to Li Honghai’s bun shop.

Xia Keke saw the agreement signed by Yang Liya and Mo Heng couldn’t help but laugh. Yang Liya felt that it was nothing bad to sign this agreement. Mo Heng called Yang Liya late at night, because every night from 10 to 10:30 to call to greet, Yang Liya hung up. But Yang Liya just lay down and went to sleep, so she did it, because she had to study some agreements so as not to disappear two thousand yuan at a time.

Today is Sunday, Mo Heng and Yang Liya’s date, but Yang Liya is still busy with the meeting. Mo Heng came to the place where Yang Liya worked, and learned that he was busy with an APP for donkey friends. Xue Yingzhao is good as Li Honghai, and slanders Xia Keke is not a good girl. Old Bi heard the decision to investigate Xia Keke’s true identity.

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