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Love Me Don’t Think Too Much 爱我就别想太多 Episode 6 Recap

Xia Keke and Pei Hong watched the blind date program she participated in recently, saying that Li Honghai was the boss of the bun shop he knew, but Pei Hong said that Li Honghai was a real big boss, but he couldn’t remember where he had seen him for a while. Pei Hong then searched the Internet again, but in the end did not find a big boss named Li Honghai. Li Honghai told Mo Heng that Xia Keke and Yang Liya knew each other, and they should pay attention to it.

Zhao Wenbo promised Yang Liya that he would divorce his wife, but it seemed that the overseas legal procedures were not very human. Yang Liya said that Zhao Wenbo’s divorce is not related to him. Yang Liya moved to Xia Keke’s house and Xia Keke asked him how he felt about Mo Heng holding hands. Yang Liya thought about it and wondered if she was too anxious to get rid of Zhao Wenbo, but felt that Zhao Wenbo was a good person, and felt that he was very down-to-earth. And speak frankly, which is more in line with his own three views, so I want to talk about it first.

Sister Wu was very satisfied with the clothes that Xia Keco wore, so she said that her personal styling would be covered by Xia Keke. Mo Heng and Yang Liya met. Mo Heng said that if two people talked about being able to get married this year, Yang Liya also agreed. Mo Heng hopes to continue to communicate with Yang Liya, but love requires a spirit of contract, so he came up with his own love agreement.

Sister Wu said that today she was going to date a man younger than herself and let Xia Keke help her design clothes. At this time, the person Wu Jie was about to date came, and Xia Keke discovered that it turned out to be Wen Hao. Mo Heng said that this contract was to promise what he said. Yang Liya gradually felt that Mo Heng was too serious. She didn’t understand whether Mo Heng was in love or what she was doing, and then Yang Liya left unhappy.

Xia Keke chatted with Pei Hong, but Li Honghai sent a message to invite her to dinner. Xia Keke did not know how to reply, because if Li Honghai was really the big boss, why did Li Honghai do this. Wenwen went to Bu Guoqiang but found that he was recording a video of a blind date program, so he had to leave. Wen Wen told Yang Liya about Bu Guoqiang, and Yang Liya persuaded her to ask if Bu Guoqiang still loved her, if not, leave him early.

Wen Wen thought about it and said that she thinks that Bu Guoqiang still loves her, because Bu Guoqiang is a person who can protect her for life. When Wen Wen came home, he was called by Bu Guoqiang. Wen Wen asked him if he didn’t like himself. Bu Guoqiang said that he feels that he has become agitated recently. He only wants to find a reason for joining the blind date program and wants to test himself.

Wen Wen saw that he could not solve the problem with Bu Guoqiang, so he called Li Honghai for help. Li Honghai asked Bu Guoqiang and blamed him for not making jokes about his feelings. Bu Guoqiang said that he and Wenwen were about to get married, so he wanted to test himself, but he might not be good for Wenwen in the future.

Li Honghai rode a bicycle to meet Xia Keco again, but Xia Keke suddenly wanted to eat steamed buns. Li Honghai didn’t have a steamed bun shop for a while, so he said that the steamed buns were breakfast, and it was noon now. However, Xia Keke had to go to Li Honghai’s bun shop, but Li Honghai had to borrow the toilet to find Mo Heng and give him a bun shop.

Mo Heng drove to buy a bun shop, but he couldn’t find anyone willing to sell it. Li Honghai dragged Xia Keco here, Mo Heng called and said that he hadn’t found the bun shop. Li Honghai had to continue to delay the time for Mo Heng Pan Baozi shop.

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