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Love Me Don’t Think Too Much 爱我就别想太多 Episode 10 Recap

Mo Heng’s illness still does not violate the contract

Mo Heng fell ill, but still insisted on going to get off work before going to the hospital. Xia Keke and Li Honghai travelled to Thailand, and Pei Hong went to Yang Liya’s house for a while. Yang Liya was fined thousands of times for violating the agreement. The two dated again today. Liya hoped that Mo Heng would also breach the contract once. However, Mo Heng called on time. Yang Liya said that she wanted to go to the playground, but Mo Heng agreed even though she was sick.

Xia Keco and Li Honghai had just arrived at the Thai hotel. Li Honghai wanted to go to the bathroom, but they turned around and stolen their bags with mobile phones, passports and wallets. The bag was lost, and Xia Coco was a little lost. They finally came out to play once, but now not only the hotel can’t afford it, but they can’t eat. Seeing that Xia Keke was hungry, Li Honghai went to a store and ate it up, and said that he would pay for it.

Because Mo Heng had an appointment with Yang Liya, she pulled out the needle tube and hurried to see Yang Liya under the obstruction of the nurse. Mo Hengqiang played around with Yang Liya, Yang Liya gradually discovered that Mo Heng was a little abnormal, only to notice that Mo Heng was sick. Yang Liya sent Mo Heng to the hospital. After listening to the nurse, she learned that Mo Heng had pulled out the needle to see her for the agreement. Yang Liya accused Mo Heng of violating a contract. What happened was Mo Heng’s own emotional history, and Yang Liyang also understood why Mo Heng wanted to make this love agreement.

Xia Keco and Li Honghai finished their meal. When they came to pay, they heard that some customers in the restaurant suspected that the restaurant buns were not good. So Li Honghai offered to try the buns. The steamed buns made by Li Honghai won the recognition of the customers, and the store manager gave them a single order because they got the recipe for the steamed buns. Xia Keke and Li Honghai came to the beach happily, but saw someone stealing their wallets. Li Honghai didn’t say anything to chase after seeing it, and Xia Keco followed him.

The police thanked Li Honghai and Xia Keco for their bravery. The two told the police what happened to them, so they asked the police for help. The police then let them spend the night in the police cell. At night, Li Honghai and Xia Keke could not sleep, so they sang together. Xia Keke wanted to go to the embassy to reissue his passport and returned home. Li Honghai saw that they would come back once, how could he go back like this.

Seeing someone singing by the roadside, Li Honghai found a restaurant and sang it. Xia Keke looked at Li Honghai who was singing seriously and couldn’t help thinking of his experience with Li Honghai. Li Honghai’s outstanding singing was attracted by a bar owner, so Li Honghai was invited to sing. Yang Liya made soup for Mo Heng, but found that Mo Heng was still keeping the agreement.

Li Honghai sang a song at the bar, and his singing won everyone’s praise. Xia Keke suddenly saw a woman stepping up to talk to Li Honghai and was a little uncomfortable. He stepped forward and declared that he was Li Honghai’s girlfriend. Xia Keke and Li Honghai came to the seaside in a quarrel, but the police found them and said that the thief who stole their bags was caught.

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