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Love Me Don’t Think Too Much 爱我就别想太多 Episode 1 Recap

Billionaire Group President Li Honghai wholeheartedly wants to find true love that does not come for money, and wants a pure feeling. That night, Li Honghai, who was about to marry Xue Ying, had a dream. In the dream, Xue Ying knew Li Honghai’s identity long ago, and came to him for his money. He immediately woke up and immediately contacted his friend and company legal adviser Mo Heng. , Now decided to break up with Xue Ying. Mo Heng and Xue Ying met to show Li Honghai’s thoughts and persuaded her to open up a bit.

Mo Heng and Li Honghai ridiculed and admired Xue Ying, but they were willing to give up Li Honghai who was worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Li Honghai was a little unbelievable, and Xue Ying didn’t want anything. However, Mo Heng’s words have not been finished yet, Xue Ying has a condition. Li Honghai knew that Xue Ying was not that simple. It seemed that he had not misunderstood Xue Ying, but came for his money. Mo Heng said that Xue Ying wanted to have a meal with Li Honghai.

Just after breaking up with Xue Ying, Li Honghai received a phone call from the jewelry store, and the wedding ring he had ordered had arrived. Li Honghai went to the jewelry store to take the ring, and met Liu Dongyang, who accompanied the clothing designer Xia Keke to go shopping on the street. During the rest and eating, Liu Dongyang mentioned renting a yacht, inviting Xia Keke to go to the yacht, and can live on the yacht at night. Xia Keke knew Liu Dongyang had other thoughts. He pointed out that he had family children, and it should be appropriate to swipe his card. All the things he just bought were for the sister-in-law.

Li Honghai and Xue Ying had lunch at the restaurant, but he was inexplicably nervous. Xue Ying kindly told Li Honghai to take good care of herself in the future, but she was not convinced. In Li Honghai’s eyes, she was going for his money, wondering what kind of feelings Li Honghai wanted. Li Honghai wanted a pure feeling, not mixed with other things. Xue Ying is very angry, righteous words she really love Li Honghai.

After Li Honghai and Xue Ying were separated, Xue Ying came to the roof of the restaurant building and wanted to jump off the building from the certificate of innocence. He was not rushing to Li Honghai’s money. Many people gathered downstairs, and they persuaded Xue Ying not to think about it. Seeing that it was Xue Ying, Li Honghai ran nervously to the rooftop and persuaded Xue Ying to come down and not think about it. Xue Ying didn’t agree. She really loved Li Honghai and fell in love with Li Honghai at first sight, but the result was Li Honghai’s insult. Xue Ying asked Li Honghai if he wanted to marry her. Li Honghai did not agree. Xue Ying was very disappointed. Once again, he said that he loved Li Honghai, not his money, and jumped downstairs.

Li Honghai anxiously waited outside the ward, saw the doctor came out and hurried up to ask the situation. The doctor told Xue Ying that his emotions were somewhat fluctuating, and there were no other major problems. After today’s events, Li Honghai believed that Xue Ying really loved herself and asked her if she would still marry herself before the bed. As a result, Xue Ying tried to make an effort to deliberately refuse to give Li Honghai an answer. Watching Li Honghai leave the ward, Xue Ying took out his mobile phone and sent a WeChat, thanking the other party for his cooperation.

Xia Keke received a call from his benefactor Liu’s brother, because Liu’s wife was ill and needed to spend money in hospital, so she called for Pei Hong to borrow money. Xia Keke and Pei Hong went to a classmate’s party. Ex-boyfriend Wen Hao led his current girlfriend Liu Xiaolan to attend. Liu Xiaolan kept showing off her traveling with Wen Hao, and was angry with Xia Keco. Xia Keke couldn’t bear Liu Xiaolan’s face, saying that when Wen Hao opened, he would bring his rich boyfriend to attend.

Li Honghai made up his mind to marry Xue Ying, Mo Heng suggested that he sign a prenuptial agreement, and take time to notarize. Li Honghai disdains signing pre-marriage agreements. He doesn’t care about the money. What he wants is a pure affection. Arrange for Mo Heng to suspend the work at hand and first discuss his marriage. When Xue Ying tried on the dress, he deliberately made it difficult for designer Xia Keke, and also mocked Xia Keke.

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