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The Song of Glory 锦绣南歌 Episode 6 Recap

After falling into the lake, Lige was fine. Liu Yikang was slightly injured, or Lige got him herbal medicine to stop bleeding. Liu Yikang laughed at Li Ge, and every time she met, she was either murdered or chased, and she was really busy. Li Ge disgusted Liu Yikang’s mother-in-law and took the clothes directly to him, and gave him medicine. After finishing the medicine, Liu Yikang took out the gold sore medicine. Li Ge was angry that he didn’t tell me if he had the medicine, and kept himself busy for a long time.

After Li Ge left, the hidden men of Liu Yikang came out. They had investigated the people who were chasing them, not Lu Yuan’s people, but a group of rivers and lakes. Zhongshu Ling didn’t give up again and went to Liu Yikang to perform there, holding Shishu impassable marriage and begging Liu Yikang to take back the marriage. Liu Yikang was too lazy to take care of him, or let Liu Yixuan go to Shenfu Xuan paper with his will.

Li Ge returned to the senior brother, but saw the master. Li Ge questioned Master Xu Lin, why did Anu die for himself? Xu Lin said that he could not help himself, as long as he could kill Peng Cheng Wang and kill the people, the sacrifice would be nothing. Xu Lin asked Li Ge to marry Pengcheng Wangfu, waiting for the opportunity to kill Pengcheng Wang and avenge his dead brothers and sisters.

Li Ge did not want to involve the Shen family, but he could not let those dead brothers sacrifice in vain, and finally agreed to the master, but on the condition that the opportunity for the big marriage to stab was determined by her. Lu Yuan made the assassinated dancer perform as a maid and took her to Shen Fu for identification. Shen Leqing waited for the marriage with joy, learning that Li Ge’s face had changed when he came back.

In front of Shen Tingzhang and others, Li Ge said that Shen Leqing bought the murder, and Shen Leqing refused to admit it at all. Li Ge has checked the matter and brought Shen Yueqing’s uncle Guo Fu up for questioning. Guo Fu identified Shen Yueqing, but Shen Yueqing was still sophistry, that Li Ge bought Guo Fu. Li Ge saw that Shen Yueqing was still quibbling and proposed to report to Ting Wei.

Shen Leqing was terrified when she heard it. She knew Ting Wei’s method and cried out that the marriage was coming soon. If the matter was passed on, the royal family would think more about it. In the end, the Shen Yanzhang couple had to make a big deal of things, or let Shen Leqing take over. Aim to marry into the palace. Lu Yuan stood up and accused Shen Yueqing of not being General Shen’s bloodline or his daughter-in-law, and also found the grandma of the Ci kindergarten to identify it.

Lu Yuan embarrassed Shen Tingzhang on the grounds that Shen Yanzhang was guilty of sacred deeds, and it was the crime of using his daughter to serve as his daughter-in-law to deceive the king. Shen Leqing’s biological father is Shen Tingzhang’s younger brother, and her mother is the daughter of a merchant. The marriage of Shen’s daughter-in-law to the royal family attracted opposition from the world’s nobles, and it was even more unreasonable to adopt a daughter. Shen Lige saw the undead A Ling and realized that this was a trap that Lu Yuan tried, but hesitated to stand up.

Lu Yuan asked A Ling to send a congratulatory gift to Li Song. When picking up the box, Li Song suggested A Ling, but A Ling did not identify Li Song. Lu Yuan took the people away, Li Ge knelt down and took the edict of marriage as the daughter-in-law. Liu Yixuan couldn’t do it. Shen Leqing was imprisoned in a fire room for reflection. Her heart was filled with jealousy and hatred, and she vowed to take back everything she herself had.

Li Ge went to Sanjiu Tang to tell Brother and Kongcheng that A Ling was still alive and she had to find a way to rescue her. Chen Shaoxun promised to save people, but he had to make careful arrangements. Liu Yikang is interested in Li Ge and has been sent to check her identity. Liu Yixuan went to find Lige. If she didn’t want to marry into the palace of the king, he tried to find a way around it, and Lige refused.

Liu Yixuan met a woman on the street. Her parents worked for Lu Yuan’s Zhuangzi, but it has been a long time since she returned home. When she was reported to the office, she was pursued by Lu Yuan’s men. Liu Yikang also knew about this and speculated about what Lu Yuan was doing. Lu Yuan deliberately released the news that A Ling was still alive, that was to set up a set to let Li Ge save people, and knock down the Shen family.

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