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The Song of Glory 锦绣南歌 Episode 5 Recap

When Shen Tingzhang entered the palace to see Liu Yikang, Liu Yikang had negotiated with the emperor. At that time, the emperor Gaozu had promised a marriage contract with the Shen family. Now the imperial power is in jeopardy. The Shen family has 200,000 troops in hand and is the biggest bargaining chip against Lu Yuan. Marriage with the royal family is actually a kind of protection for the Shen family. However, there is a rule for Liu’s king to face that the princes are not allowed to marry. Although the Shen family is a general, the lintel is not high and belongs to the princes.

Pengcheng Wang Liu Yikang wanted to accept the daughter of the Shen family as a concubine. The right concubine came from the gentry Xie family, but it has not come out for many years. It is also a political marriage. Liu Yikang does not like it. The book tells Lord Xie to stop doing it. He is the brother of Princess Xie. He is unconvinced and hopes that Sun Taifei can stop this, but Tai Fei is very clear that Liu Yikang has a photo of Gao Zu in her hand. put one’s oar in.

Liu Yixuan learned from the concubine’s mouth that Liu Yikang was about to marry the daughter of the Shen family, and he was a bit tasted, worried that the elder brother would marry Shen Lige, and analyzed the matter with his men, and felt that it must be Miss Shen Jia Er, not Li Ye How can her temperament marry into the palace. Li Ge went to his brother Chen Shaoxun and asked him to write down a method for treating hysteria. She wanted to cure Mrs. Shen’s illness and then left.

The doctor looked at Fang Zi, which was extremely dangerous. If she became Mrs. Shen, she would be able to wake up. If she didn’t, she would only be worried about her life. Li Ge explained that Fangzi was taken from Sanjiu Tang, where it was a place to buy and sell news. The host had owed his favor, and Fangzi must be reliable. Both Shen Tingzhang and Shen Zhi were a little hesitant to try a prescription. Li Ge knew that they still doubted themselves and shouted Father Shen Tingzhang, and was willing to use his life guarantee. If the wife could not wake up, she would pay for her life.

Shen Tingzhang finally agreed to the matter. Lu Yuan came to visit and warned Shen Tingzhang between words. When he left, he heard the sound of Li Ge and felt like he had known him. Shen Leqing thought again behind closed doors, and she was still disgusted to let Ling Xi check Madam Shen’s prescription. Mrs. Shen woke up with the medicine, and everyone was relieved. Shen Leqing ran crying and asked for guilt. She also offered a copy of the Scripture for guilt, and suddenly Mrs. Shen vomited blood and fainted.

Shen Leqing flew up immediately, cut his palm and put it in the soup to feed Mrs. Shen, and his wife awoke. Shen Zhi was already suspicious of Li Ge, suspecting that it was a prescription problem. How smart was Li Ge, seeing that Shen Yueqing had done things, and went to Yuxiu Pavilion to question Shen Yueqing at night. It turned out that Shen Yueqing was soaked with peach kernels on the bamboo slips, and Madame Shen’s prescription contained Achyranthes bidentata, and the two were different, which caused Madame Shen to vomit blood.

Li Ge warned Shen Yueqing, and if she killed her mother next time, she would walk on the rivers and lakes for many years without blood staining. Shen Leqing was horrified. Mrs. Shen was ill, Li Ge and Shen Feng played around with Mrs. Shen to tease Shen Zhimu, Shen Zhi also mumbled and introspected after hearing it. Mrs. Shen heard about the marriage, and refused to let her daughter just find her to marry into the palace, but the decree had already been given, and the Shen family could not live up to the trust of the Emperor Gaozu.

Shen Tingzhang was also reluctant to let her daughter. When he entered the royal palace, he was involved in the battle between the courts, but he couldn’t help it. The entire Shen family also needed royal protection. Shen Leqing was very happy to hear that the Shen family was about to marry Pengcheng Wang, and she found Shen Tingzhang to marry her sister into the palace.

Shen Tingzhang was hesitant. At that time, he promised his younger brother to take care of Yueqing. Shen Yueqing insisted on sharing his father’s worry. Shen Yanzhang agreed, and after listening to Shen Yueqing’s suggestion, he sent Li Ye out temporarily, and then took it back after Shen Yueqing got married. Shen Leqing privately found his uncle and asked him to arrange to get rid of Li Ge on the road.

Li Ge was assassinated on the way out of the city. Coincidentally, Liu Yikang happened to work in the suburbs. When he returned, the two sides met. Some fighting Li Ge and Liu Yikang fell into the lake.

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