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The Song of Glory 锦绣南歌 Episode 4 Recap

In the second day of the court, Ting Wei sued the arsenal to make Pei Ruhai stolen from the law and spoke of Pei Ruhai’s confession. Lu Yuan was an associate. Lu Yuan had already prepared the wording for a long time, only to say that he was blind and did not know what Pei Ruhai did. By the time of the confrontation, Pei Ruhai was already dying. It turned out that Ting Wei’s men took Pei Ruhai out of Shen’s house and asked him to write a confession, and was robbed by Lu Yuan’s people on the way to the palace.

It was Lu Yuan who tried to destroy him. Liu Yi declared that he was too angry and proposed to depose the entire martial arts dereliction of duty. But many officials are Lu Yuan’s people, Liu Yikang can only continue to endure, only punished Pei Ruhai copying the genocide. Shen Tingzhang returned triumphantly, Liu Yikang asked Liu Yixuan to take charge of the award, and it was the fault of Lu Yuan to serve as a soldier under the pretext of giving the job to General Shen.

Lu Yuan was so angry that he found Liu Yixuan in private and reminded Liu Yixuan who was the one to trust and made Liu Yixuan not stand in the wrong team. Liu Yixuan wanted to help Liu’s Jiangshan wholeheartedly, but he wished to get rid of Lu Yuan immediately, and would not listen to Lu Yuan’s long talk. Lu Yuan also held a dancer in the dungeon and dropped the bag with the body of a maid, forcing her to say who was behind the scene and the leader of the mask.

Lige was stopped on the street by a stall vendor selling porcelain to sell porcelain. Someone called Huazi suddenly rushed out and smashed the porcelain. Lige was still not sure. Li Ge is not stupid and sweet, seeing that the porcelain in the box has long shattered, calling Huazi an acting, if he is really a thief, he should run in the opposite direction. Liu Yikang’s carriage happened to pass by from the street, recognizing that Li Ge was the one who assassinated Lu Yuan that night.

Li Ge pierced the stall owner and called Hua Zi, and Liu Yikang also came out to help Li Song. When Li Ge saw the stall owner’s strong words, he was too lazy to talk nonsense, and kicked him to the ground, ready to teach him. Liu Yikang pulled Lige and ran away. He felt that a good tiger could not hold a pack of wolves, fearing that Lige would suffer. Li Ge is too lazy to take care of Liu Yikang, every time he sees him there is no good thing.

Liu Yixuan went to Suxuanxuan to listen to the piano. The girl Wan’er was his confidante. The two were drinking and listening to the piano. The emperor’s health has always been bad, Liu Yikang has to go to the palace from time to time, and Tai Fei Sun was kind to Liu Yikang’s mother and son. Shen Tingzhang triumphantly, Shen Yueqing chose the song “Heji Jiuxiao” at the banquet for Lige, and said that this was his father’s favorite tune.

Shen Tingzhang was very excited when she saw Li Ge coming out, and it was very similar to nagging. Li Ge did not call Mrs. Shen her mother, nor did she call Shen Tingzhang, he called him a general. Liu Yixuan was instructed to take Liu Yikang’s handwritten plaque to Shenfu, saw Li Ge, and recognized that she was the woman who was assassinated that night.

Liu Yixuan privately found Lige and said that although he had a blood relationship with the Lu family, as a royal child, he should serve the country and he was unwilling to join in with Lu Yuanzhi. Lige asked Liu Yixuan to help conceal the night of the assassination, Liu Yixuan naturally agreed. Liu Yixuan saw that the music scores in the singer Li turned out to be not Jiuxiao, but a ghost score in the Western Regions, which had a charming mind.

When Li Ge started to play the piano at the banquet, he broke the strings directly. He stood up and slapped Shen Leqing. He told the ghost story and Liu Yixuan testified. Mrs. Shen Yanzhang and others were very surprised, Shen Leqing quibble, and also let the young lady Lingxi secretly change the score. Shen Leqing grabbed Li Ge that night and went out with blood on his hands, provoking everyone not to believe Li Ge.

Liu Yixuan said immediately that Lige was with him that night and saved several bullying children by accident. In order to let Shen Leqing show his true face, Li Ge deliberately lied that a special honey was placed on the score, and the poison scorpion was the favorite, so as to frighten the spirits. Lingxi is afraid of all moves. Shen Leqing didn’t admit it, and pushed it to Ling Xi, crying and playing family cards.

Mrs. Shen couldn’t bear the trouble, and hoped that Li Ge would never blame it. Li Ge did not want to stay at Shen’s house anymore, and left, Mrs. Shen fainted after being stimulated. Mrs. Shen’s hysteria became more and more serious, and the doctor had no choice. Li Ge couldn’t bear to leave Mrs. Shen alone, and stayed to take care of her. Shen Tingzhang has always felt guilty for her daughter, so Shen Zhi checked Li Ge’s story after the abduction, and all of them went on one-on-one, and made Shen Zhi believe in Li Ge.

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