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The Song of Glory 锦绣南歌 Episode 3 Recap

Since Mrs. Shen retrieved her daughter, all her thoughts were on Lige. Shen Leqing inevitably had a gap in her heart and was jealous. Mrs. Shen started to talk about Jianingju, which she and Shen specifically built. Even the magnolia trees outside were planted for her. Now that the Jianing Bureau is Shen Leqing’s residence, Mrs. Shen asked Shen Feng to find someone to move everything here to Yuxiu Pavilion.

Shen Feng vomited too much stuff, and it was troublesome to move it, so she proposed to let Shen Leqing live in Yuxiu Pavilion, and changed her name from second elder sister to second elder sister. Shen Leqing was jealous and angry. In order to please Mrs. Shen, please move to Yuxiu Pavilion. Mrs. Shen defaulted without saying anything. Li Ge held that jade Chuan miss Anu, secretly vowed to kill Lu Yuan to avenge her.

Liu Yikang kept Shen Zhi staring at Lu Yuan’s every move, and then looking for opportunities to make trouble for Lu Yuan. Li Ge went to San Jiu Tang to see Chen Shaoxun. Chen Shaoxun had notified the brothers of Suzaku League and began to evacuate Jiankang City and then discuss it for a long time. He also let Li Ge leave. Master has sent a letter to Chen Shaoxun, let him help Lige gain the trust of Shen Fu, but Chen Shaoxun couldn’t bear to watch Lige adventure, hoping that Lige would go together.

Li Ge wants to stay and kills Lu Yuan to take revenge for Anu and refuses to leave. Chen Shaoxun refused to give Lige news about Lu Yuan, and Kongcheng secretly told Li Ge where he was. Shen Leqing found that Lige was not in the room, and stared at it for a day without seeing anyone coming back. He was about to leave and found that Lige flew over from the wall, knowing that Lige would work hard.

Shen Zhi gave Lige a cake and asked if she would martial arts. Lige did not deny that she hadn’t learned how to defend herself when she was young. Shen Zhi suggested that brothers and sisters learn from each other, and Li Ge agreed. Liu Yi announced that Lu Yuan was buying and selling weapons at the ferry, lurking in the past, and found Shen Zhi and Ting Wei, remembering that he had mentioned this matter to his elder brother Liu Yikang. Liu Yikang did not believe it.

Liu Yixuan lost his brother and did not believe in himself. Liu Yikang set up a strategy, Pei Ruhai, who directly grasped the joint, hid himself on the ship and waited for the landing to enter the urn. Li Ge was also ambushing on the boat and waiting to kill Lu Yuan. The two met. She had never seen the face of King Peng Cheng before. I didn’t know that Liu Yikang was King Peng Cheng assassinated before.

Lu Yuan had reported three warships before, but actually five came. Ting Wei questioned Lu Yuan and Lu Yuan quibble. He had to let all his five warlords enter the warehouse. He was about to leave Lige and couldn’t wait to start attacking Lu Yuan. . Lu Yuan and Li Ge fought each other. Li Ge was injured again. After escaping, he collapsed on the road and was rescued by passing Liu Yi.

Lu Yuan led people to chase Li Ge and saw Liu Yixuan’s carriage had to be searched. Liu Yixuan pretended to be drunk and gave a tantrum. He lifted the carriage curtain and let Lu Yuan look at it. Lu Yuan left without others. Liu Yixuan hid Li Lige in the box behind the carriage. After Li Woge woke up and thanked Liu Yixuan for his life-saving grace, he turned and left. Liu Yixuan admired that a woman had assassinated and murdered her, and he was very admired by his integrity.

Liu Yikang interrogated Pei Ruhai overnight, and Pei Ruhai said that Lu Yuan had given advice. Since the Lu family took control of the military, it has been squandering its arbitrariness in reporting military needs. Li Ge returned to Shen Man and saw several people hurried away. Because she couldn’t see her daughter, Mrs. Shen thought that her daughter had gone again and fainted. Shen Feng tried Li Ge’s skill, and was subdued by a trick. After Shen Zhi came back, she saw the blood stain on the Li singer’s wrist and became suspicious, and asked where she went at night.

After waking up, Mrs. Shen scolded Shen Zhi, and said that no matter what Li Ge did, she was her own daughter and Shen family.

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