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The Song of Glory 锦绣南歌 Episode 1 Recap

Shen Lige used Lu Yuan to assassinate King Peng Cheng, assassination failed, Li Ge was seriously injured

Kongcheng hurriedly came to tell sister Shen Lige that Lu Yuan had already brought someone. Shen Lige did not panic, but the waiting fish finally got hooked, and the dance tonight was for him. Lu Yuan saw Pengcheng Wang Liu Yongkang drinking on the second floor and went to say hello. Lu Yuan has been vigilant about the dancers dancing on the dance floor, and is curious about the identity of the masked woman.

After King Peng Cheng left, Lu Yuan questioned Shen Lige, deliberately set up a dance bureau, just to attract himself into the bureau? Shen Lige did not deny that the “send to the army” dance was accidentally seen by his father who used to be a painting studio in the palace. Shen Lige proposed to cooperate with Lu Yuan, saying that she would climb the big tree of Pengcheng Wang to be rich and prosperous. As a bargaining chip in exchange, she was willing to act as a chess piece.

Lu Yuan was ambitious and agreed to Shen Lige. Shen Lige and his elder brother conspired to assassinate King Pengcheng, because King Pengcheng governed the country, and the imperial power was only covered by the sky. He also condoned Lu Yuan and other villains to commit wrongdoing. The family had revenge against King Pengcheng, and Shen Lige wanted to avenge him. Shen Lige planned for this assassination operation for many years, and it was scheduled for the eighth day. Brother Chen Shaoxun told Shen Lige that he had only one chance. Once he sent a signal, he retreated immediately regardless of whether he succeeded.

Shen Lige chats with Anu. Anu is thinking that after everything is over, she will go to Meizhou, which is the hometown of her brother. She likes Chen Shaoxun. Anu wore a bracelet on her wrist, which was left to her by her father and mother. Maybe she could find her biological parents. She also said that her parents would recognize Shen Lige as her sister, and the two sisters continued to be together.

Lu Yuan took the medical officer to diagnose the pulse of Pengcheng Wang Liu Yikang to see if he was really sick or pretending to be sick. Liu Yikang coughed again and again, and he coughed up blood. He sighed and fate was so fateful, in fact, all he did was to Lu Yuan. Although Liu Yikang is a superintendent of the country, he has no real power, and all powers are controlled by Lu Yuan and others. For so many years, Liu Yikang has been ignorant and wary of Lu Yuan, but he has never been able to compete with it.

Liu Yikang went to General Shen’s mansion and planned to launch a war with Qing’s eldest son Shen Zhi to fight the war and kill Lu Yuan and others. General Shen led the troops outside and was always ready. Miss Shen Jiaqing Shen Leqing likes Liu Yikang and peeks out at the door. She didn’t leave until the lady Shen came over. In fact, Shen Yueqing also has an older sister who has been abducted for 18 years and still has no news. The Shen family has not given up looking.

Lu Yuan arranged for Shen Lige to enter the palace to celebrate the birthday of Concubine Sun. Liu Yikang was not a fool, so Shen Zhi deployed his troops to guard against it. He wanted to see what trick Lu Yuan played. At the beginning of the birthday feast, the dancing girl took out her bow and arrow and started assassination. Shen Lige hid Liu Yikang in the dark, but was rushed up by King Ling Yixuan of the Lingling to block an arrow. The arrow was poisonous, and Liu Yixuan passed out with severe injuries.

Lu Yuan did not know that Shen Lige was about to be assassinated, so he quickly explained to Liu Yikang and blocked the sword thrown by Shen Lige. Lu Yuan led people to pursue the assassin, Shen Lige followed Liu Yikang, was stopped by Shen Zhi, and the two fought. Many people in the palace were Shen Lige. Liu Yikang was trapped in the room by the assassins, and a fire ignited in the house.

Shen Lige and Shen Zhi fought fiercely. Both of them were evenly matched. Liu Yikang wanted to live but Lu Yuan wanted to kill. Shen Lige was seriously injured under the impact of Shen Zhi and Lu Yuan. Shen Zhi saw that Lu Yuan was about to kill his sword and Shen Lige took the opportunity to escape. The assassination failed, only Shen Lige and Anu were still alive, but Anu was too badly wounded, and he did not want to drag Lie Song. He gave the bracelet to Lie Song, and asked her to help herself find her parents. Start chasing the soldiers and let the brother take Lige away.

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