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Love of Summer Night 夏夜知君暖 Episode 20

With Jun Ye’s support, Su Nuanxia seemed to really cheer up. She went to Shinhwa University to find Lu Ye, and asked him to be the assistant coach of the Qingmeng team. When Lu Ye heard it, she said that she was more than enough, and the implication was to refuse. Su Nuanxia persuaded him again, and he said that he would not be a traitor like Chu Ran.

No way, Su Nuanxia asked Jun Ye as a lobbyist. Jun Ye and Lu Ye’s friendship for twenty years did not move him. So Jun Ye threatened him with Lu Ye’s ugly photos, because Lu Ye cares most about his personal image. Unexpectedly, Lu Ye pretended to agree, lied to him to delete the photo and then regretted it, saying that he was not a gentleman, but a prodigal, and he didn’t need to say anything.

Lu Ye is indeed a person who does things according to his mood, and his mood depends on the Anna he likes. Su Nuanxia asked Anna for help again, Anna was stupid, knowing that Lu Ye liked her, she kept mentioning Junye. Lu Ye asked her why she wanted to be an assistant coach. She actually said that because Jun Ye played too hard. Lu Ye was so angry that he bowed his head and left, but fortunately, he did not explicitly refuse. Based on Junye’s understanding of Lu Ye, Lu Ye did not refuse, so he agreed.

Sure enough, Lu Ye drove over after school the next day. But he was not a good assistant, and everyone was not convinced of him because he was used to Su Nuanxia’s arrangement. Especially Qi Feng, he and Lu Ye are rivals in love. Naturally, he is not pleasing to the eye. During training, he uses his weight advantage to crush him.

Su Nuanxia looked in her eyes and talked to Qi Feng after class. Lu Ye and Anna happened to see that they both thought they were speaking bad things about themselves, so they eavesdropped in the nearby grass. In fact, Su Nuanxia hopes that Qi Feng will stop targeting Lu Ye, listen to his words, and train well to make the Qingmeng team stronger. Qi Feng said that he only listened to the coach, but Su Nuanxia said, if Lu Ye is the coach. This sounded strange, but Qi Feng didn’t notice anything. The two talked for a long time before Qi Feng promised Su Nuanxia to practice well and promised that he would never leave Qingmeng.

The training of the Qingmeng team continued as usual. With Lu Ye, the assistant coach, the pressure on the players doubled and their fighting spirit was inspired. And Anna, knowing that Lu Ye came to Qingmeng as an assistant teacher for herself, she seemed to feel a little different about Lu Ye. Seeing Lu Ye training on the basketball court, she felt so handsome inexplicably.

On the other hand, everyone also noticed something wrong with Su Nuanxia. She has never absent from basketball team training before, but she has often been absent from late night training. Jun Ye wanted to know what happened to Su Nuanxia, ​​and he brought the food he cooked to her. This is what Jun Ye studied alone after the last failure, and the taste has indeed improved a lot.

Su Nuanxia was very moved looking at Jun Ye who was taking care of herself. She confessed to Jun Ye that she did hide something from him, but in fact she was going back to Beijing to continue studying. The incident of Shen Yingliang made Su Nuanxia aware of her problem. She was impulsive and reckless. Without the overall situation of her father, she would not be a qualified coach at all. She felt that she was actually doing something her father would not let her do under the guise of fulfilling her father’s last wish. If this continues, Su Nuanxia is afraid that the Qingmeng team will be destroyed by her own hands. Therefore, it cannot continue.

Regarding Jun Ye, Su Nuanxia was very sorry, and asked him to accept a long-distance relationship just after being together. She choked up and said that if he couldn’t accept it, she could break up. After that, Jun Ye didn’t let her go on. He hugged Su Nuanxia and comforted her that everything was not her fault. He can also accept long-distance relationships. He will visit her every week. They can also make videos. There are many ways to keep in touch and maintain relationships.

When the others knew that Su Nuanxia was leaving, they couldn’t sit still. The whole team was waiting for Su Nuanxia downstairs in the girls’ dormitory with red ropes. When she came, they called her coach and reported that they were reviewing Dafa and asked her for instructions.

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