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Love of Summer Night 夏夜知君暖 Episode 19

In the last ten seconds of the match against the Shinhwa team, Jun Ye surpassed Chu Ran’s defense in one-on-one and dunked perfectly. The score of the two teams finally stopped at 67:77, and the Qingmeng team was 10 points behind. Nevertheless, the people present were still shocked by the momentum of the Qingmeng team and cheered for them. After the game, the principal also expressed condolences to the basketball team on behalf of Qingmeng. She believed that in this game, the Qingmeng team showed great momentum and style, although it was a glorious defeat.

It was not until the end of the game that Shen Yingliang went to the school infirmary to see his injuries. The school doctor solemnly stated that if he doesn’t pay attention anymore, he won’t be able to hold a scalpel in the future. After knowing this, Su Nuanxia felt very uncomfortable, because her tactics were too radical and she ignored the players’ health. Thinking of her father saying that her character was not suitable for coaching when she was alive, she finally understood why.

Jun Ye saw that she had been depressed, and said that she would find the best doctor to treat Shen Yingliang’s hand. Su Nuanxia believed him, but did not cheer up because of it. Jun Ye found Ling Xuan and others again, and held a reflection meeting. Everyone took turns talking about their responsibilities in this game. Every time they said something, they received a red envelope. This is of course to make Su Nuanxia happy, to make her not take the responsibility of losing the game on herself.

Knowing Jun Ye’s hard work, Su Nuanxia assured him that she would cheer up. But Jun Ye wanted her to do a happy thing with herself every day before she was willing to believe her guarantee.

The next day, Jun Ye took Su Nuanxia to go shopping. He bought a lot of things from clothing to jewelry to backpacks. Anything Su Nuanxia took a look at, he made everyone wrap it up. When I left, I found that the trunk of the car couldn’t fit. Jun Ye wanted someone to pick him up, but Su Nuanxia took him to take the bus. Junye has never taken a bus before, so he had a surprising first experience. He began to feel that the point was not how much money was spent, but who he was with.

In order to make Su Nuanxia happier, Jun Ye secretly wanted to give her a gift, but she didn’t know which gift suits her best. After going through her circle of friends, he had the answer in his heart. Two days later, he took Su Nuanxia to the rented house where he lived when he ran away from home, and took out the key to show that he had bought this place as a testimony of their love. One room for two, three meals for four seasons, this is Su Nuanxia’s most desired state of life, and it is also Jun Ye’s most desire to satisfy her wish.

Su Nuanxia was moved, but Jun Ye’s surprise was still behind. On this day, he took Su Nuanxia to a picnic on the grass again, the equipment was ready, and the food was roasted sweet potatoes. Thinking of the scene where two people ate baked sweet potatoes together for the first time, they smiled at each other. Not only that, Jun Ye also bought the naming rights of 21 asteroids and gave them to Su Nuanxia. The pattern of the twenty-one stars circled in the sky is two hearts, representing Jun Ye’s eternal love for Su Nuanxia.

The last time Jun Ye and Su Nuanxia were cooking together, it was unsuccessful. This time, Su Nuanxia offered to try again, and she also took out the spicy shrimp recipe left by her father. Coach Su’s culinary skills are superb, but she did not expect her daughter to be a cooking idiot. Following the recipe, the spicy shrimp made by the two of them also turned into dark spicy shrimp. However, because they are with someone they like, Jun Ye and Su Nuanxia still eat this plate of spicy shrimp with relish.

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