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Love of Summer Night 夏夜知君暖 Episode 18

Jun Ye took the team members to see his grandfather. Grandpa saw that the female coach who fell in love with Jun Ye turned out to be a massage nurse he admired. His temper disappeared immediately, and he smiled and asked Su Nuanxia to chat with him. to chat with. Su Nuanxia took Grandpa Jun out for a walk, and by the way told him Jun Ye’s love and devotion to basketball.

You must know that Su Nuanxia did everything to recruit Jun Ye into the team, but now she is not afraid of Grandpa Jun. Grandpa Jun saw Su Nuanxia’s resilience, and he also understood what his grandson liked her. He finally decided to be the sponsor of the Youth Dream team to fund their match with the Shinhwa team.

The game came as scheduled. According to what we said earlier, the Qingmeng team must lead by more than 15 points before Chu Ran will play. In the first half, according to Su Nuanxia’s tactics, everyone attacked with all their strength, but Jun Ye’s state was not very good. The members of the Shinhwa team are still brave. Center Jiang Yichen has the rebound advantage from the start. However, Su Nuanxia has already studied the corresponding tactics, and Ling Xuan, who is physically talented, will be Qi Feng’s wingman. As long as Ling Xuan can intercept Jiang Yichen’s movements, Qi Feng will definitely get the ball.

A few minutes later in the first half, Shen Yingliang opened up again. This was what they had negotiated long ago. Shen Yingliang opened up the points in the first half and regained his strength during the intermission so that he could play the entire course. They originally planned to pull to a score of 20 points, so they should be able to resist Chu Ran barely. Unfortunately, with Xia Ze and Ding Lei’s two great pitchers one after the other, Shen Yingliang was unable to exert his full strength. At the end of the first half, the Qingmeng team led by 12 points, which was far from their planned points.

During the intermission, Su Nuanxia cheered for Jun Ye and said that he would record the game video for grandpa to watch. Jun Ye didn’t know, so she explained that Grandpa was the only sponsor of this game. Moreover, Su Nuanxia worried that if Grandpa saw that Jun Ye did not go all out, he would not agree with them.

These words gave Jun Ye the motivation. At the beginning of the second half, he was hitting many goals in a row. The difference between the two teams gradually widened, and finally reached 25 points, with less than five minutes left before the end of the game. The point difference was reached, and Chu Ran played as scheduled and replaced Gu Yuan. The Qingmeng team temporarily requested a timeout to discuss tactics. Everyone thought it should be defensive, but Su Nuanxia decided to take the initiative to attack.

The reason why she is so confident is because she believes that everyone’s training is already in place, everyone has their own specialties, and there will be no problems as long as they play out. But she underestimated Chu Ran’s ability, his skills are better than a year ago. As soon as he came on the court, he implemented a dimensionality reduction strike. Qi Feng worked hard for a long time to dunk, and was covered by Chu Ran for the first time. The flexibility Zhang Xiaoqiang is most proud of has also become rigid in front of Chu Ran.

And Shen Yingliang was not able to shoot another three-pointer of Super Far-reaching God, his left hand injury was not healed, Chu Ran could see it at a glance, and did not stop him from shooting. He spotted Shen Yingliang’s miss, and that was indeed the case. Chu Ran didn’t put him in the eyes of Ling Xuan, whose physical fitness was beyond ordinary people. Soon, the Shinhwa team recovered 31 points, and the Qingmeng team did not score another point. Chu Ran’s plundering tactics crushed the opponent physically and psychologically, and the members of the Qingmeng team gradually lost their fighting spirit.

Only Jun Ye is still calm and self-sufficient. He thinks that the current point difference is not big, which does not mean that they are lost. Chu Ran wanted to use the same tactics to defeat Jun Ye’s psychological defenses, but Jun Ye missed the move. He avoided Chu Ran with a clever fake move and completed a dunk.

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