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Love of Summer Night 夏夜知君暖 Episode 17

The Qingmeng team is preparing to recruit substitute players, but this means increasing expenditures. Jun Ye, who had run away from home, could no longer be a sponsor of the team, and everyone decided to support themselves. They specially filmed a group of team training tidbits as a promotional video, but it is a pity that Weibo views are very low.

Afterwards, a person named Ali found Jun Ye and said that he belonged to the advertising company. After seeing the promotional video of the Qingmeng team, he hoped that he could be a plane model for the company and take a set of promotional photos. The other party offered a price of 50,000 yuan, if it was before, Jun Ye would not look good. Now it’s different, he decided to go without much consideration.

When the team members saw the company’s business card, they thought the name “the mob” was unreliable at first glance, and worried that it was an unscrupulous company that tricked boys and girls into taking nude photos. A gang of people rushed to the company with all kinds of strange weapons such as baseball bats and brooms. When they broke in, they found that Jun Ye was really wearing a suit and shooting seriously. Moreover, the company’s name is called “Niaohezhizhong”, not a mob.

Su Nuanxia was a little embarrassed after having a big oolong, but she wanted to stay with Jun Ye. At her insistence, the photographer asked her to stay alone, while the others went out to wait in the hall. The photographer was very satisfied with Jun Ye’s condition and praised him after the shooting. It happened that the editor-in-chief Luo came down for a tour, and after seeing Jun Ye, he proposed to sign him as an artist.

The temptation to guarantee an income of 600,000 yuan a year is really great for ordinary people. Jun Ye didn’t care, he grabbed Su Nuanxia’s hand and said that as long as his girlfriend agreed, he would agree. Su Nuanxia hesitated a little, if he can sign, the team’s economic problems will be solved directly. But she always felt like selling her husband for glory, so in the end she refused.

As a result, the team’s sponsorship issue is still not resolved. Su Nuanxia thought of a way to start a live broadcast under the prompt of Zhang Xiaoqiang. As for the protagonist of the live broadcast, of course it is the most popular Jun Ye. For the team, Jun Ye can be regarded as willing to go. His popularity also indirectly affected the Qingmeng team, and with the help of Lu Ye and other friends to forward the promotion, the Qingmeng team became the focus of many people’s attention. The number of fans of the Qingmeng team has reached 300,000, and many commercial endorsements have been found.

The most popular one is of course Junye. Everyone on the team can meet various fans for autographs and photos. There are fans guarding the training ground every day, Su Nuanxia feels helpless, but there is no way.

On the other hand, Grandpa Jun learned about Jun Ye being an internet celebrity. Although he was very angry, he couldn’t take the initiative to contact Jun Ye. So he sneaked to the training ground and saw Jun Ye’s spirited look on the basketball court. He seemed to understand his love for basketball. After returning home, Grandpa Jun took out Jun Ye’s photo album and looked at the photos with a kind smile. At this moment, he fainted unexpectedly.

This is already an old problem with Grandpa Jun. It’s a problem with the nerve center, and it mainly depends on resting. This incident soon hit the news, and Su Nuanxia and others also saw it. Zhang Xiaoqiang worried that it was Grandpa Jun pretending to be sick, but Su Nuanxia thought that he couldn’t do nothing. It happened that Xiao Tutu had an older sister working as the head nurse in the hospital where Grandpa Jun lived, so she asked her to help insert Su Nuanxia as a massage nurse.

Su Nuanxia’s major requires knowledge of sports medicine, and her massage techniques have also been recognized by the fussy Grandpa Jun. It is said that before her, four nurses were fired by Grandpa Jun. Not only that, Grandpa Jun also liked Su Nuanxia’s temperament very much. Su Nuanxia deliberately told Grandpa Jun that she was going to be forced to break up with her boyfriend because her boyfriend’s elders didn’t like herself. Grandpa Jun was unhappy when he heard that, he felt that the other elders were too old and stubborn, and didn’t like the beautiful and kind Su Nuanxia, ​​and encouraged Su Nuanxia to bravely pursue what she likes.

A few days later, Jun Ye also took time out to visit Grandpa. Grandpa Jun asked Jun Ye to bring his coaching girlfriend over to see him, saying that he wanted to see her in person.

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