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Love of Summer Night 夏夜知君暖 Episode 16

Without Jun Ye, the strength of the Qingmeng team dropped another level. Everyone is very stressed, especially Shen Yingliang. He was too involved in training and ended up spraining his left hand. He hasn’t been able to use his left hand anymore these days.

Su Nuanxia had been thinking about Jun Ye all the time, but she didn’t know what happened to him at home. Jun Ye was recuperating for a few days due to an allergic reaction caused by contact with an allergen. It was the same, the bodyguards who were ordered to watch him relaxed their vigilance. It happened that Su Nuanxia accidentally dialed Jun Ye’s phone again, and Jun Ye took the opportunity to pick it up in the bathroom.

It turned out that Grandpa Jun not only kept Jun Ye at home 24 hours a day, but also blocked his cell phone signal, making Jun Ye unable to contact other people. Through this call, Jun Ye expressed her apology and helplessness, and hoped that Su Nuanxia would not misunderstand herself. Su Nuanxia quickly stated that she had always believed in him, and knew that he was concerned about the team and did not leave on purpose. In a hurry, Su Nuanxia said that she missed Jun Ye very much. Jun Ye was overjoyed when he heard this, and he promised Su Nuanxia that he would return soon.

After hanging up the phone, Jun Ye immediately pretended to be sick to attract the security guards to come in. Taking advantage of their rush to call the doctor, he fled to the door and stopped a taxi and left. As soon as he drove one kilometer, he paid to get off the car and changed to a shared bicycle. Because he knows that the bodyguard at home will definitely monitor and lock the license plate number of the taxi.

At the same time, Jun Ye contacted Su Nuanxia and brought her ID card to a five-star hotel near the school. He wanted to use Su Nuanxia’s ID card to open the room so that his grandpa would not find it. Unexpectedly, Grandpa was even more ruthless, so he stopped his bank card directly. In desperation, Su Nuanxia found a short-term rental house near the school for Jun Ye. Jun Ye is not used to this kind of place, but he can’t pick and choose, so he has to accept it.

It was late in the evening, Su Nuanxia took Junye to the vegetable market to buy vegetables. It is best to bargain for the dishes in the evening market, even if the price is not satisfactory, you can say that you don’t want it. Anyway, the boss will compromise in the end. This is the counter-offer method Su Nuanxia taught Jun Ye. Two people bought a bunch of vegetables and returned to the rented house, and faced new problems. Su Nuanxia only buys vegetables, but doesn’t know how to cook.

Jun Ye then let Su Nuanxia go out to clean, and let him take care of the kitchen. Remembering that Jun Ye just couldn’t tell the difference between tomatoes and sweet potatoes at the vegetable market, Su Nuanxia expressed doubt. But there is no other way, only to follow suit. It turns out that Jun Ye does not know how to cook. He burnt all the ingredients and the kitchen almost exploded. In the end, the two ordered takeaway and drank beer by the way.

Su Nuanxia, ​​who had poor drinking power, confessed to Jun Ye after drinking, and drank and slept until the next day. The next morning, Jun Ye had already left early, and Su Nuanxia woke up almost eight o’clock. She was so scared that she ran to school when she put on her shoes, too late to wash. After Xiao Tutu saw Su Nuanxia, ​​he wondered if something happened to her and Junye last night. Su Nuanxia said that she really couldn’t remember, she was so drunk, how could she remember anything.

When the two were chatting, two male classmates not far away were secretly discussing Su Nuanxia’s figure. The speech was full of wretches, just when Jun Ye heard him, he went straight up and knocked one of them down. The man yelled to sue him and make him pay compensation. Jun Ye glanced sideways, took off his watch and threw it to him. This is a watch worth hundreds of thousands, and the person who was beaten immediately stopped being arrogant. Jun Ye picked up his sleeves to make enough money, but the principal suddenly appeared.

The principal educates them hard, no matter what, fighting is wrong. The male student who took the watch expressed that he was willing to reconcile with Jun Ye and would not pursue it any more. The principal asked Jun Ye to go to the Academic Affairs Office in private, and then left with a serious face. The people around all pointed to Su Nuanxia, ​​thinking that she had posted to Jun Ye upside down, and also caused Jun Ye to be damaged.

Jun Ye, who was eager to protect his wife, pulled Su Nuanxia directly and printed a kiss on her forehead, and then officially announced to everyone that it was Su Nuanxia he was chasing, and Su Nuanxia is now his girlfriend. Su Nuanxia was a little shy, but did not refuse. After this incident of Jun Ye’s disappearance, she was already quite sure of her feelings for Jun Ye.

Jun Ye is the school grass of Qingmeng, a male god that all girls are crazy about. Such a person became the boyfriend of Su Nuanxia, ​​who was unremarkable. Many people in the school were dissatisfied. In just a few hours, the post bar exploded. They were all scolding Su Nuanxia. Su Nuanxia had a big heart, and used these posts one by one to recruit new substitute players. However, recruiting new players means increasing expenses. Now Jun Ye can no longer be a sponsor of the basketball team. They must be self-reliant.

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