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Love of Summer Night 夏夜知君暖 Episode 15

After rejecting Xiao Tutu last time, Ling Xuan has always felt uncomfortable, especially seeing her playing so well with other boys in the video game city, he cared more. After thinking about it, he thought he might really like Xiao Tutu. He wanted to confirm, so he asked everyone in the team. Neither Qi Feng nor Zhang Xiaoqiang had any love experience, so they couldn’t give him any good advice. He placed his hope on Jun Ye, who heard that it was a relationship problem, and also said that he could do nothing.

It coincided with Xiao Tutu’s birthday, and everyone prepared a surprise birthday party for her. Jun Ye helped Su Nuanxia set up the scene together. Su Nuanxia had climbed up the railing to hang the lanterns, but couldn’t get down. Jun Ye asked her to jump straight down, and he would catch her. Su Nuanxia embarrassed that her weight might be a little heavier than ordinary girls. Jun Ye smiled and replied that it was okay. As a star player, he still has this physical strength.

That said, when Su Nuanxia jumped down, Jun Ye was still thrown down. The faces of the two people were very close, and Su Nuanxia was secretly thankful that she didn’t hit his lips, otherwise she might get bleeding. Just after thinking about it, when Jun Ye’s elbow on the ground moved, she directly kissed his lips. This little episode made the atmosphere of the scene a little ambiguous, Su Nuanxia said to him, let Jun Ye not think about holding himself accountable. Seeing her showing a respectful attitude towards herself, Jun Ye felt a little helpless.

At night, the birthday party began. Ling Xuan wanted to talk to Xiao Tutu alone to express her feelings. Xiao Tutu thought he was going to reject himself again, so he hurriedly interrupted him and changed the subject. At this time, there was a sudden power failure, and Su Nuanxia asked Xiao Tutu to go to the power distribution room downstairs to see the situation. Xiao Tutu tried to avoid Ling Xuan, and went without the phone. When she got there, she realized that she couldn’t reach the electric box at all.

In fact, there was no power outage. Su Nuanxia deliberately opened Xiao Tutu to take the opportunity to put the customized cake on the table. Seeing that Xiao Tutu had been away for five minutes, Ling Xuan was a little worried, but the others were still talking and laughing, as if not taking Xiao Tutu’s safety at all. Jun Ye offered to let Ling Xuan go and see for herself, but Ling Xuan went downstairs without thinking. At the door of the power distribution room, he heard Xiao Tutu talking to himself.

In fact, Xiao Tutu still likes Ling Xuan very much, just pretending not to care. Ling Xuan was already ready to confess to Xiao Tutu, he went in directly, hugged her, and said bluntly that he liked her. Xiao Tutu was surprised, she always thought she was unrequited love. Ling Xuan hurriedly took out the gift box he had prepared, which contained a hundred jokes he wrote for Xiao Tutu. He said that there are no flowers, no applause, only his sincerity.

Xiao Tutu nodded shyly in response to Ling Xuan’s confession. At the same time, Su Nuanxia and others who had been hiding at the door rushed out holding flowers and applauded both of them. It turned out that this was a real surprise they had prepared long ago.

On the other hand, after Yao Zhen slumped at Junye, he deliberately sued Grandpa Junye, saying that he was in love with the coach of the basketball team. Grandpa Jun immediately became angry and took Jun Ye home and locked him up. From the second day of Xiao Tutu’s birthday party, Jun Ye did not show up again, and the team didn’t know where he went. Su Nuanxia kept calling him, but no one answered. She called Jun’s house and the servant told her not to look for Junye because of the basketball team.

Only then did Su Nuanxia know that Grandpa Jun would not let Jun Ye play basketball, and she felt panicked. As it is now, the replacement must be recruited as soon as possible. But Su Nuanxia couldn’t concentrate on training. She finally realized that Jun Ye was even more important to herself than defeating the myth.

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