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Love of Summer Night 夏夜知君暖 Episode 14

Seeing Jun Ye getting closer and closer, Su Nuanxia couldn’t help but blush. At the critical moment, her phone rang, so she had to interrupt Jun Ye and answered the phone. The call came from Chu Ran and asked her to take the Qingmeng team to the game city with the Shinhwa team this weekend. Su Nuanxia said that she would think about it, and talked about it with Jun Ye after she hung up the phone. Jun Ye didn’t even think about it and said that he would not go. He knew that Chu Ran had ulterior motives for Su Nuanxia, ​​so he hated having contact with Chu Ran.

Su Nuanxia couldn’t persuade him, so she had to give up. Later, she worried that she might not be able to withstand the temptation of looking good by continuing the topic just now, so she took the courier as an excuse to sneak off.

In fact, Chu Ran also promised Su Nuanxia that the Shinhwa team could play another match with the Qingmeng team in a month. However, Chu Ran will only play if the score reaches fifteen points. For the game a month later, Su Nuanxia decided to conduct special training for the performance of the previous game. This was mainly aimed at Qi Feng and Zhang Xiaoqiang. During the match, Zhang Xiaoqiang took a step back when he faced Bai Yin’s obstacle. Moreover, he lost points due to repeated dribbles due to excessive tension.

As a center, Qi Feng, rebounding should be his strength, but his mid-range shooting score is much higher than the rebounding score. Regarding the situation of the two of them, Su Nuanxia specially asked them to conduct one-on-one special training. Zhang Xiaoqiang needs to practice shooting past Qi Feng within ten seconds and can’t retreat. Qi Feng has to defend the basket, grab rebounds, and dunk to score. In order to motivate Qi Feng, Su Nuanxia also asked Anna to stay on the scene, which really made Qi Feng a godly helper, and Zhang Xiaoqiang stopped joking because of Qi Feng’s seriousness.

The night before the weekend, Xiao Tutu negatively expressed that he did not want to go to the game city. It turned out that she knew she had confessed to Ling Xuan when she was drunk last time, and she also knew that Ling Xuan had rejected herself in disguise, so she felt embarrassed. Before Su Nuanxia spoke to her, she beat herself up again, thinking that as long as the person she liked changed quickly enough, her broken love would not be able to catch up with her. So, she decided to participate in the next day of networking, to see if she could change her hunk.

On Junye’s side, he really didn’t want to participate in any friendship. Zhang Xiaoqiang called to remind him not to take it lightly. After all, there are many games that can be intimately contacted in the video game city. Chu Ran was interested in Su Nuanxia at the first glance. What if Su Nuanxia likes him if he gets in touch later. This was something Jun Ye could not tolerate. On the weekend, he followed Lu Ye and Anna to the appointment, and insisted that Lu Ye pulls himself.

In the video game city, Ling Xuan and Zhang Xiaoqiang are probably the most unhappy. Ling Xuan watched Gu Yuan from the Shinhwa team have been courting the Tutu, feeling very upset, but not good at it. Zhang Xiaoqiang was crushed by Baiyin on the court, and he couldn’t compare to playing motorcycles in the video game city.

Jun Ye and Chu Ran fought openly and secretly, after a gunfight, and then shot again. Seeing that Su Nuanxia got the experience prize after playing the VR game and gave it to Chu Ran, Jun Ye was immediately jealous. He directly spent money to buy a batch of prizes from the clerk-rabbit ear headbands, one for each member of the Qingmeng team. At the same time, he also announced publicly that Su Nuanxia was her coach on the training ground and his girlfriend in private. Su Nuanxia forgot to react for a while, and the others were all ridicules, only Chu Ran had a stern face.

Su Nuanxia also likes Jun Ye, but she thought of what her father Su Li had written in her diary that it is a taboo to fall in love with the team. She worried that her love affair with Jun Ye would also hinder the team’s training, so she started hiding Jun Ye everywhere. Jun Ye wanted to ask her the answer to herself, but she kept avoiding it. Turning around, she wrote a 20,000-character essay, citing various examples to demonstrate that love in the team is a bad thing.

Jun Ye believes that Su Nuanxia’s example is too contrived to be a reliable argument. He asked Su Nuanxia if she rejected herself like this because she had other people she liked. Su Nuanxia subconsciously denied it. In that case, Jun Ye naturally couldn’t accept her reason for rejection.

On the other hand, Chu Ran has come to visit Su Nuanxia almost every day in the past few days and bring her all kinds of delicious food. Su Nuanxia thinks this is just the care of her brother to her sister, but Jun Ye doesn’t think so. However, his dissatisfaction made Su Nuanxia think that he was eating very naive jealousy, and she didn’t want to talk to him at all.

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