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My Girl (2020) 99分女朋友 Episode 8 Recap

Meng An once again converted her character fantasy into LS female president Shen Yi became a small assistant.

After Meng An returned to Tutao, he couldn’t understand why Shen Yi suddenly changed her attitude. Could it be that she regretted her relationship? Wei Lei pointed out that it must be Xu Xingyao’s ghost, and gave Meng An’s trick, he should take the initiative to let Xu Xingyao see who is the real girlfriend. Meng An went to Xu Xingyao, and Xu Xingyao satirized Meng An again, noting that Shen Yi attached great importance to that liquid foundation, which was also his lifelong commitment. .

Wei Lei was very anxious to listen to it, rushed up and Xu Xingyao’s criticism, and made a bad breath for Meng An. Xu Xingyao called Shen Yi to provoke the right and wrong, Shen Yi sent a breakup message to Meng An that night. Meng An was stimulated by a break-up text message and had a stress disorder again. She turned her personality and immediately became a domineering career woman. This time she fantasized herself as the female president of LS.

Meng An arrogantly went to the LS company sideways, and the slap in the face scolded the lazy staff. When Shen Yi came, he would not criticize him. Shen Yi knew Meng An’s posture and she knew that she had changed again. For the promise of confidentiality, she could only cooperate with Meng An, let the company’s people call Meng An as Meng Meng, and lied that Meng An was newly found. boss. The staff were dumbfounded, and all surreptitiously speculated that Shen Yi and Meng An were not easy.

Shen Yicheng became the assistant to the president and had to tell A Tao that he had broken up. A Tao sighed. This was because Meng An was stimulated to trigger the stress disorder. Now, she can only follow her step by step as steady as possible. Meng An’s original house was very small. She now turned her character into another person. Big boss, she must live in a big house. Shen Yi had to borrow another mansion from Sui An to let Meng An live.

In the delusion of Meng An stress disorder, she is a self-made female president, and her assistant has a long-term relationship, but unfortunately, the relationship between yin and yang declines. According to the setting, Shen Yi is the assistant. Meng An dialed Shen Yi to be reconciled. Jiang Jiang’s home was shut down for water and power, and the keys were left home. The phone had a little power left. He could only call Shen Yi for help, and wanted to go to his home for lodging, but Shen Yi wanted to watch Meng An not go away at all. , Unable to pick Jiang Jiang.

Jiang Jiang couldn’t help but call Ah Tao, and Ah Tao took him home to stay overnight without saying anything. A Tao is a female man with a temperament, the house is a mess, and beer is also served at dinner, which makes Jiang Jiang, who is a very fine man, very surprised. Meng An reformed the LS company and abolished the employee’s system of bringing makeup to work. Everyone was very happy. Xu Xingyao, the deputy general manager, was taken on vacation by Shen Yi. She was not in the company, so she did not know what happened to the company.

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