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My Girl (2020) 99分女朋友 Episode 7 Recap

A group of classmates began to discuss how such a beautiful and beautiful girl Ah Tao could see Jiang Jiang, and the more she said, the more unpleasant it was. Jiang Jiang scolded her classmates in a rage, shredded the invoice, and took A Tao Yang away.

Jiang Jiang returned to the company Shen Yi and began to calculate the accounts for him. The previous pay bills and the whole line of business were lent to him by Majesty, and Jiang Jiang’s monthly salary was also deducted. Jiang Jiang also had to repay the money when he heard it, and on an impulse, he pointed out that Shen Yi did not regard himself as an intimate partner, nor did he really value himself as an employee, just because he seemed to be a tolerant and good boss.

Shen Yi was lost in contemplation. She was very good with Meng An, but did she really like it, probably because of guilt and make up? Jiang Jianggang left Shen Yi’s office and ran back to apologize for his impulsive words. In fact, Shen Yi and Jiang Jiang did not really want him to repay the money, but angry that Jiang Jiang even tore the invoice.

Wei Lei won the championship in the reality show, although the bandage on her nose has not been removed. When giving the award speech, Wei Lei thanked her makeup artist Meng An, if she could not win the championship without her. At the backstage, Wei Lei put the champion’s crown on Meng An’s head, apologized for what she had done before, and offered to be a friend with Meng An, and then she will be her girlfriend, and generously no longer mind Shen Yi, generous Shen Yi was given to Meng An.

Shen Yi invited Meng An to dinner, and Wei Lei also took Meng An to dinner with Shen Yi bar, which made Meng An speechless. In the end, she chose to eat with Wei Lei first. After all, Wei Lei won the championship and is worth celebrating .

At the LS company group building meeting, Shen Yi called Meng An directly. Except Xiaomei and Jiang Jiang, other employees didn’t know Meng An. They all mistakenly thought Meng An was a new employee hired by the boss. Knocking and so on. When Shen Yilai came to the office, the staff were sitting in jeopardy. When Meng An ordered food, everyone was afraid that Shen Yi would be overpriced and unhappy. It was aa evenly shared. He had to pay for his own pocket. This is allergic to seafood, and that is allergic to vegetables. Don’t let Meng An expensive.

Shen Yi spoke directly to make Meng An feel that she wanted to introduce Meng An as a girlfriend, but Meng An became a “female assistant” when he talked directly. Shen Yi again generously stated that this time he invited guests, and then the staff let go of his belly and was no longer cautious. Everyone had enough food and drink, and Shen Yi shouted to pay the bill, and the staff immediately found an excuse to hide.

Shen Yi invited the staff to eat all in order to get along with Meng An. Meng An hoped that Shen Yi could take into account the staff’s feelings. After all, it was his employees. Shen Yi felt that it was not necessary. LS Company did not make money to support them with high wages. Why should they take into account their feelings? These words were heard by the employees who were hiding, they were also bloody, and they came out one by one according to the old rules aa, not bearing the favor of Shen Yi, the boss.

Shen Yi drove Meng An back home, took the initiative to kiss Meng An, and went to visit Meng An’s house. Shen Yi saw the graduation photo of Meng An Primary School, which turned out to be Chonghai Primary School. During the transfer, he also went to Jiangbei Fifth Primary School, and the girl he injured was studying at the third primary school. Shen Yizheng, confessed to the wrong person, and found an excuse to leave in a hurry.

Shen Yi was very contradictory. He said this to Sui An. He was afraid that the girl would appear again, which would be unfair to Meng An. Vice President Xu did not look down on Meng An, and intimately satirized her in private, and also told Meng An that Shen Yi asked her to participate in a reception tomorrow and wear dress. Shen Yi began to alienate Meng An because of hesitation and contradiction, and did not reply to Meng An’s text messages.

In fact, it’s a casual party. You don’t need to wear a dress at all. Meng An was wearing a dress and was mocked by everyone. Vice President Xu also announced that Meng An was Shen Yi’s girlfriend, which made Shen Yi’s face embarrassing. Meng An, because of the vices of Vice President Xu and the emergence of an emergency disorder, turned his character and talked to that partner, but let that partner appreciate Meng An very much. After the casual reception, Shen Yi asked Meng An to stop entering his workplace without permission and calm down with each other.

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