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My Girl (2020) 99分女朋友 Episode 12 Recap

Shen Yi, who was talking with Meng An, heard someone knock on the door and picked up her phone to open the door. Unexpectedly, it was Xu Xingyao. She moved to Shen Yi opposite. After drinking, Xu Xingyao took advantage of the spirit of the wine and said that he couldn’t reach the zipper of his clothes, and asked Shen Yi to help himself. Meng An, who heard their conversation, hurriedly said that she could help, and her house came over twenty minutes. Hearing Meng An’s voice, Xu Xingyao’s drunkenness disappeared and quickly said no.

Meng An told Atao and Wei Lei about the incident, and the two made an idea for her to swear sovereignty in front of Xu Xingyao. It happened that Shen Yi asked Meng An to go to the company to hold a blush meeting. At the meeting, Meng An and Xu Xingyao were tit-for-tat. They were talking about blush, but only they understood what they actually said. Shen Yi let Meng An make the decision, because this blush is the gift he wants to give Meng An. After listening to Shen Yi’s words, there was a sigh of ambiguity, and Xu Xingyao was successfully disgusted by Shen Yi.

Shen Yi wants to live with Meng An, thinking of being able to take care of her. The first hasty mention mentioned that Meng An was at a loss. She is not reluctant to live with Shen Yi, but just worried that they have not been together for long. When Shen Yi hinted again, Meng An agreed. Shen Yi has been planning for a long time, and at the moment Meng An agreed, he immediately took Meng An back home to pack and move.

Shen Yi was a little hasty and had a lot of things left, but he said he had them at home. Meng An went to his house and naturally didn’t believe it. But when I really arrived at Shen Yi’s house, there were couple slippers specially prepared for Meng An, the room was furnished, and everything was prepared in duplicate.

Meng An and Wei Lei chatted all the way and told her about Shen Yi’s every move, all of which were Shen Yi’s routines in Wei Lei’s eyes. Shen Yi’s home is a bedroom, and Wei Lei is worried about what will happen to them, but neither Meng An or Wei Lei had thought that Shen Yi actually prepared the bunk.

Xu Xingyao is now living opposite Shen Yi. Looking up and seeing her head down, Xu Xingyao in sexy pajamas came to Shen Yi’s house to borrow vinegar and said that she was eating dumplings without vinegar. Meng An was displeased, but did not show it. She then sent a message to Wei Lei in the bathroom. Wei Lei was not stupid, and at a glance he saw what medicine was sold in Xu Xingyao’s gourd, and asked Meng An to go to Xu Xingyao’s house to borrow dumplings.

Shen Yi knocked on the opposite door, and Xu Xingyao came to open the door. I thought Shen Yi was here to get the vinegar, but Shen Yi said that Meng An wanted to eat dumplings, but he didn’t want Meng An to wait for borrowing dumplings. Xu Xingyao didn’t intend to borrow vinegar, and naturally he couldn’t take out dumplings. The next day, Shen Yi called Xu Xingyao to the office and wanted to send her to France. This stay was half a year or a year. Xu Xingyao understood that she told Shen Yi that all of this was a misunderstanding, and she would soon move away and would not borrow vinegar.

Wei Lei came to Sui An again before she got a whitening shot. Now no one knows that she likes Sui An, but Sui An is hiding from her. Wei Lei doesn’t understand, is she not beautiful enough? Sui An interrupted her, she is very beautiful, but he like Wei Lei can make seven a day, she is not the type he likes, and hope that Wei Lei will not waste any more time.

Shen Qianshan’s father, Shen Qianshan, learned about Shen Yi and Meng An, and came to Shen Yi. Shen Qianshan disagreed with Shen Yi and Meng An, and introduced Shen Yi to many girls of the same age. As for Meng An, he would not agree to her as the daughter-in-law of Qianshan Group. Shen Yi didn’t care. He didn’t admit anyway. Shen Qianshan’s son.

Seeing that Shen Yi couldn’t get in like oil and salt, Shen Qianshan took out his hole card. The French laboratory was bought by him, and the technology to lighten the scar essence broke up with Meng An. Between them, Shen Yi can only choose one. The two broke up again, but this was overheard by Xu Xingyao at the door.

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