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My Girl (2020) 99分女朋友 Episode 11 Recap

Not wanting to make Meng An feel so guilty, Shen Yi still intends to ask his father Shen Qianshan to borrow money. Without saying anything, Shen Qianshan was still very happy that Shen Yi could go home and let the servant prepare the soup that Shen Yi loved to drink. Although asking his father to borrow money, Shen Yi did not intend to take it for nothing. The interest in the loan contract he gave was 10% higher than the market. Shen Qianshan thinks that all of his money will be Shen Yi in the future. He simply let Shen Yi go back to work in the company. Anyway, his cosmetics company does not make any money. Of course Shen Yi is unwilling. He started his business not only for that girl, but also because he didn’t want to be controlled. The two broke up, and Shen Yi naturally did not borrow money.

Take care of your own trouble. Without telling everyone, Meng An made a live broadcast evaluation on the Internet, and the evaluation was the newly developed liquid foundation of LS. Shen Yi, who was informed of the news, hurriedly sat in front of the screen and watched the girl across the screen remove her makeup publicly, revealing a scar on her face. He knew that Meng An still cared about his scars a little bit, and now he was publicly sentenced to save LS. No surprise, everyone was surprised to see Meng An showing her scar, but at the same time she was surprised to see her cover the scar with liquid foundation.

Meng An’s live broadcast evaluation had a great influence, and the masses forwarded comments one after another. Many people planted this liquid foundation. What is even more pleasant is that some investors call to cooperate. But Meng An was not so lucky. The company issued a document announcing to stop cooperating with her, and the online criticism of her scars and her relationship with Shen Yi was raving. Meng An ignored it but did not mean that Shen Yihui stood idly by. Shen Yi responded to those bad comments one by one, and also carried out Weibo authentication.

Meng An was in a bad mood and was going to see the stars. She didn’t expect to meet Shen Yi who was waiting for her. At the first sentence they met, they said sorry to each other in unison. Meng An’s guilt for Shen Yi can’t be expressed in words. She suddenly broke into Shen Yi’s life, and Shen Yi took her to complete her beautiful dreams. But she now knows that there is a very important girl in Shen Yi’s life, and Meng An is not the most important one. She is now awake and she agrees with Shen Yi’s breakup. After listening to these, Shen Yi hugged Meng An. He didn’t want to break up and kissed Meng An.

A Tao had a classmate meeting in the evening, and Jiang Jiang, who heard the news, thought of A Tao telling herself that she had been treated as a boy in school. Jiang Jiang thought of her classmates’ situation at the party and decided to go to A Tao’s place to wait for her. To this end, Jiang Jiang borrowed Shen Yi’s suit and car, and bought a large bouquet of flowers. He wanted to bring A Tao back to the city in front of his classmates. What Jiang Jiang did not expect was that although A Tao was regarded as a boy, she was the prince charming of the girls, and she was very popular.

After confirming the relationship with Meng An, Shen Yi told the news to Sui An naturally. Sui An asked him if he was sure that he liked Meng An rather than guilty? Shen Yi smiled, not sure before, but now he can tell Sui An very sure that he likes Meng An.

Shen Yi, who is in love, has really changed a lot. This is a normal meeting, the product manager is introducing the newly developed blush. Shen Yi interrupted and asked him if his wife would choose this one? Seeing that he couldn’t answer, Shen Yi went on to say that he didn’t understand his wife, unlike he and Meng An who knew each other together every day. Everyone understands this, Shen Yi is showing love.

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