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Mr Honesty 不说谎恋人 Episode 9 Recap

Li Zhe returned to his residence, and his subordinates brought a cup of hot ginger tea. Li Zhe might get a cold after raining, and drinking ginger tea can resist the virus. The subordinate received a call, and the person who called was Qingshan’s private detective. While the subordinate answered the phone, he also reported to Li Zhe that the investigation of Qingshan’s private detective had progressed.

Li Zhe went to Qingshan the next day to see a private detective and asked the other party about the progress of the investigation. The private detective was under the entrustment of Li Zhe to find the girl who got lost in the woods 13 years ago. At that time, Li Zhe met the crying girl in the woods and learned that the girl was lost, and the girl was all dirty. Li Zhe sent A toy bird was given to the girl to persuade the girl to hold her cry.

After a lapse of many years, Li Zhe wanted to find a girl. The private investigator also went to the police station to investigate. The police station did not record the case of the girl’s loss 13 years ago. It may be that the police who handled the case did not enter the case into the computer, or it may be the girl. Later, he returned to his parents, and the parents did not report to the police station.

Li Zhe knew that he had hatred, and he knew what he liked, and he decided to take it away. Fang Zhiyou attaches great importance to Xu Yi people, and Li Zhe announces to him that he wants to pursue Xu Yi people and take Fang Zhi love.

When the time for get off work came, Li Zhe went to a known company to accept Yi people from get off work. Xu Yiren followed Li Zhe to the movies. She did not believe that Li Zhe liked him, so she asked Li Zhe for proof. Li Zhe only wanted to avenge Fang Zhizhi and lied that he really liked Xu Yiren.

Fang Zhiyou felt unwell after returning home and called Xu Yiren after watching the movie and coughed softly on the phone. Xu Yiren heard that Fang Zhi was unwell and hurried to Fang Zhiyou’s home. Fang Zhiyou was sick, Xu Yi people stayed to take care of Fang Zhiyou. I don’t know when to start, Fang Zhiyou entered the dream and dreamed of breaking away from Li Zhe many years ago. Li Zhe announced in the dim aisle that he had a ties with Fang Zhi afterwards. Fang Zhi had no choice but to watch Li Zhe leave. The dream is too cruel, only to know that there is a wake up, the sky is already bright, and Xu Yiren has not left.

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