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Mr Honesty 不说谎恋人 Episode 8 Recap

Xu Yiren went to work in the company and suddenly felt unwell. He knew that he had touched Xu Yiren’s forehead and found that Xu Yiren had a low fever. Fang Zhiyou took the bib and wrapped it around Xu Yiren’s neck.

The comics serialized by Shady made great achievements, and the supervisor called Shady to encourage Shady to make persistent efforts. Fang Zhi went to the pharmacy to buy medicine for Xu Yi people after get off work. Because he was not sure which kind of medicine was effective, Fang Zhi bought several medicines and sent them to Xu Yi people.

Shady kicked boxing in the company of a male friend Qi Ming. Qi Ming was physically weak and rested on the ring. In spite of his father’s objections, Shanti insisted on staying with Xu Zhiyou. Qiming, like Father Xia, persuaded Shanti to leave Xu Zhiyou. Shady opposed her father when she was young, and everything she liked was always destroyed by her father, so that she became hostile to her father. The more the father opposed, the more she did it.

Li Zhe asked Xu Yi people to eat, Xu Yi people left the company in a car that they knew after get off work, the car broke down on the road, Xu Yi people got off and went to the restaurant Li Zhe agreed.

Fang Zhi had sent the car to an auto repair shop and entrusted the clerk to repair the car. Li Zhe and Xu Yiren ate in the restaurant, and they knew they had come to the restaurant to find Xu Yiren. After Li Zhe and Xu Yiren walked out of the restaurant after dinner, Fang Zhiyou originally thought that Xu Yiren had dinner with her boyfriend and had a trouble for a long time. It turned out that Xu Yiren had dinner with Li Zhe.

Fang Zhiyou walked to Xu Yiren with a sullen face. Li Zhe intentionally reminded Fangzhi whether he had the right to restrict Xu Yiren’s freedom. Fang Zhiyou remembered the scene of going to school with Li Zhe when he was a child. A piece of paper on which turtles were painted was posted on Zhe’s back, mocking Li Zhe as a turtle.

Fang Zhiyou told Xu Yiren the truth, Li Zhe is the son of Uncle Li who lives in a nursing home. It was dark at night and there was heavy rain under the sky. Fang Zhiyou and Xu Yi went to a convenience store for drinks. At night, the temperature dropped suddenly because of heavy rain. Fang Zhiyou and Xu Yi shared a long bib. By the side, the heavy rain kept coming, and Xu Yi held the umbrella, followed into the rain under the direction of Fangzhi, the two shared an umbrella, and strode the meteor in the rain.

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