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Mr Honesty 不说谎恋人 Episode 7 Recap

Gu Bo hopes that Fang Zhiyou will bring back Xu Yiren. Fang Zhiyou reminds Gu Bo’s father to have shares in the company. Although Gu’s family is one of the shareholders, he hopes Gu Bo will take care of his business.

Xu Yiren had a video chat with Shasha, who took over her post, and told Shasha that she knew the rules of eating in the company. Fang Zhi appeared next to Shasha, peeking at the video call between Shasha and Xu Yiren. After Shasha finished speaking, she turned around and found that Fang Zhiyou was standing beside her. In fact, the project file in the notebook was lost. Xu Yiren had nothing to do with it. Instead, Sasa accidentally damaged the U disk that saved the project file. Fang Zhiyou has already found out that the culprit is Sasa. Under his questioning, Sasa told about the destruction of the USB flash drive in 1510.

Xu Yiren held the model plate and stayed outside Mr. Huang’s company. He hoped that Mr. Huang would spend a few minutes looking at the model. President Huang was anxious to get in the car and reached down to pat the model plate in Xu Yi’s hands. Fang Zhiyou rushed over and asked Mr. Huang to pick up the model disk and apologize to Xu Yiren. Mr. Huang was arrogant and refused to meet Fang Zhiyou’s request. Fang Zhiyou decided to call the police.

Mr. Huang’s assistant quickly picked up the model disk and apologized to Xu Yiren. General Manager Huang understood the encirclement and turned to get in the car. Fang Zhiyou chased over and reminded him that he had not apologized to Xu Yiren. After Fang Zhi insisted repeatedly, President Huang had to apologize to Xu Yiren. Xu Yiren sprained his leg and sat on the stone ladder to rest with Fang Zhiyou. After being questioned by Fang Zhiyou, she revealed that she lost her parents when she was ten years old and lived in her uncle’s house.

Back at home in the evening, Xu Yiren went to bed and rested. The aunt called to express his feelings of miss. The night was deep. The aunt couldn’t bear to disturb Xu Yiren and hang up the phone after a few chats.

Fang Zhiyou was sick, and Xu Yiren made dishes and sent them to Fangzhiyou’s home. Fang Shiyu praised Xu Yiren’s craftsmanship and enjoyed it. Xu Yiren returned to work in the company, and colleagues in the company talked about her in private. I don’t know who spread the rumors that she had sexual relations with Fang Zhi, which caused colleagues to discuss.

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