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Mr Honesty 不说谎恋人 Episode 6 Recap

Fang Zhiyou suspected that he had captured the heart of Xu Yiren. Xu Yiren denied that he liked Fang Zhiyou and declared that he was not worthy of knowing it. Xu Yiren came home from get off work, and after listening to her and Fang Zhiyou’s shopping experience, Shady was afraid that she did not dare to be bold and confess to Fang Zhiyou, otherwise she would be close to Gao Fushuai. Xu Yiren feels that she is not very ugly. She denies that she likes Fang Zhiyou. Fang Zhiyou feels relieved when she feels relieved. She is afraid of being entangled by her.

In the evening, Fang knew there were photos of Xu Yi people turning over their mobile phones at home. I don’t know why, and he didn’t know why he was interested in spending time with Xu Yi people.

Gu Boyo Shadi went to the haunted house to play. Before entering the haunted house, Gu Bo imagined that Shadi was so scared that he fell into his arms. The result was just the opposite. Shady was guts and did not change his color when he entered the haunted house. Instead, Gu Bo was screamed and screamed all the way. He finally came out of the haunted house. The whole person was exhausted and mocked by Shady.

Fang Zhiyou brought the project plan to General Manager Huang. Xu Yiren received a phone call from Gao Ming before leaving. He learned that Gao Ming was injured, and quickly put down his job and went to the hospital to see Gao Ming.

When Fang Zhi arrived at the meeting place, Father He had negotiated with President Huang, and he was proud to remind Fang Zhiyou that he should go home directly. Fang Zhi saw President Huang, opened the notebook, wanted to introduce the plan to President Huang, and suddenly found that there was no plan in the notebook. President Huang determined that Fang Zhiyou was not interested in the project and announced that he would no longer cooperate with Fang Zhiyou.

Fang Zhiyou found the Xu Yi who came out of the hospital with anger and announced that he would quit the Xu Yi who missed a project. After being dismissed, Xu Yiren went home to arrange the project model and took the model to President Huang, but the staff did not give her a meeting with President Huang.

Fang Zhi had a cup of coffee and took another cup of coffee. A smiley face was painted on the surface of the coffee. Xu Yiren once held the same coffee, reminding Fang Zhi that he had to smile like a smile on the coffee, and Fang Zhi had the idea that Xu Yi Ren harmed the company and lost the project, so he didn’t get angry and threw the smile coffee into the trash. barrel. Gu Bo came back to see that the coffee he had been tossed was thrown away.

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